Xzibit goes back to the time when Eminem was a poster child

Xzibit goes back to the time when Eminem was a poster child
If there ever was a rapper who knows how to work up a discussion, it's Eminem. Since the time the Detroit emcee ventured into the rap game he's been the objective of social activists who have endeavored to close him down. The rising rapper's melodious substance was regularly vicious and depicted as misanthropic. Gatherings required his music to be prohibited from radio broadcasts and requested him to be illegal from acting in specific urban communities. Xzibit talked with HipHopDX about 2000's "Up in Smoke Tour" that highlighted a large number of Hip Hop's finest at the time including himself, Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, D12, Proof, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg, and numerous others, and shared what it remembers watching dissidents focus on Marshall Mathers.

"They were f*cking with Marshall some time ago," Xzibit reviewed. "A ton of the extremist gatherings, they were fighting outside the shows. They were truly attempting to make it hard for my dude. They made him a perfect example of everything wrong with America. 

Xzibit revealed that the pit stops in Toronto were terrible, however, Detroit gave the Canadian city a run for its money. "It violates first amendment rights. These individuals are going to the show since you figure they've heard the records by now." the rapper inquired. "They know what they coming to see. They know what we're going to rap about." when they attempted to inform Eminem that he wasn't going to play his "Marshall Mathers LP tune "Execute You," Xzibit advised him to run it consecutively.
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