Jay Versace roasts Freddie Gibbs on insta live session

Jay Versace roasts Freddie Gibbs on insta live session
Freddie Gibbs' Instagram page is a goldmine for all things debaucherous in this world. His IG Stories are loaded up with images from the profundities of Instagram hellfire however his Instagram Live meetings are similarly productive. Some of the time, you may get the opportunity to hear some unreleased music. Different occasions, he may hop into a funny discussion with a fan.

Most as of late, Gibbs jumped on Instagram Live with maker Jay Versace, who as of late created Westside Gunn's "Versace," for a humorous to and fro on the 'Gram. Off the tear, Gibbs previously clarified that Jay Versace would get broiled as a result of his cap yet the maker was just hoping to discover when Gibbs would "cook them beats" he sent over. "You sent me a few beats. Furthermore, affirmative, look - and them poos was hard," Gibbs said. "You're an unusual n***a yet you gifted," Gibbs included.

Jay Versace plainly wasn't feeling the underhanded commendations and attacked Freddie Gibbs... what's more, his new canine. "You a peculiar n***a! What the hell?! That hound odd. That shirt odd. Them wrinkles in your mind bizarre," Jay Versace said. "That is your genuine belief," Gibbs said as he shrugged his shoulders. "My canine don't give a fuck about you. He'll nibble the poop out you." It didn't end there. Jay Versace propped it up. "Screw your canine with them large ass ears. N***a, you have indistinguishable ears from your canine. Screw you. You look simply like your pooch," he said.

Obviously, Gibbs had the final word, revealing to Jay Versace that he resembles he's on an electric carnival with the bright toque.
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