Bebe Rexha drove across the country after parents tested positive for Covid-19

Bebe Rexha drove across the country after parents tested positive for Covid-19
Limitations on the lockdown are lifting, gradually, as residents have been requesting for organizations to revive. After months inside, occupants, particularly in the United States, are becoming worn out on the COVID-19 "More secure At Home" lockdown, so government authorities have reacted by expressing that life can come back to what it used to be—whatever that may look like from this day forward—while additionally complying with new laws in regards to wearing covers and being careful in good ways from others. Because we'll all be going out, doesn't mean the pandemic doesn't exist, as Bebe Rexha as of late shared that both of her family members were tested positive for COVID-19.

Bebe Rexha talked in detail about the lockdown as she said she's been "trying new recipes" and " being super positive about doing things that feel good for my soul.  " However, the artist additionally uncovered that she nearly drove the nation over from Los Angeles to New York to be with her folks once they got their COVID-19 analysis.

"They became ill with the coronavirus and were exceptionally sick for three weeks, and I got apprehensive," she said. "I was considering doing the entire drive... to deal with them... They were so adamant about not having my sibling and I there, however, at long last, they showed signs of improvement. At long last, they can taste food once more. I'm extremely thankful." Bebe likewise stated, "I am upbeat that New York is showing signs of improvement spot and the East Coast is beginning to see the light."
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