Things between Jeezy and Baby Mama get ugly

Things between Jeezy and Baby Mama get ugly
Jeezy is at present connected with "The Real" host "Jeannie Mai" however despite this new relationship some drama is still going on between him and his ex-partner, Mahlet "Mahi" Gebremedhin.

Mahi recently stated that Jeezy is not being regular with child support installments as he has missed out on the last one which was to be done in April 2020. She apart from this has also accused him of a car-related issue that has a court order involved. It just took a couple of days for the rapper to formally react and he's promising to get the final word in. He blamed Mahi for developing "vindictive and malevolent response" intended to outrage him following the updates on his commitment to Jeannie Mai. In new court records, Jeezy says that Mahi is "enraged" that he cut off their association, blaming her for harassment. 

Mahi is allegedly searching for the rapper to be tossed behind bars for evading his kid bolster installments, likewise expressing that he abstained from downloading a co-child rearing application to speak with her about how to deal with their little one.

Jeezy supposedly demands that he didn't have to pay his April 2020 installment, consenting to the judge. 
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