DJ Akademiks gets banned from Twitch

DJ Akademiks gets banned from Twitch
DJ Akademiks went on an outright frenzy this previous week as he aimed on targeting huge names all through the hip-hop world. Everything began when Akademiks called Freddie Gibbsirrelevant on "Everyday Struggle," particularly when compared with the one and only Jeezy. Gibbs, in the end, applauded back at Akademiks and the two had a to and fro conversation on Twitter that in the long run finished with Akademiks taking to Twitch, where he seem quite disturbed about what happened

The trending and famous artist even focused on Ben Baller, Drake, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and obviously, Meek Mill. These call-outs got him an immense amount of attention in the course of the most recent couple of days, and now, Twitch is getting included too. As indicated by StreamerBans on Twitter, Akademiks has been suspended from the stage, until further notification and this comes out as another disturbing news for him.

There is no word yet on to what extent this boycott will keep going for, in spite of the fact that we're certain we will discover soon. A portion of these bans can extend from multi-week to a whole lifetime. Considering Ak's offense here, we figure he'll be back on the stage in the near future. In any case, obviously Twitch is taking action against specific types of content material and language. 
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