50 Cent makes a comment on Kanye's presidential bid

50 Cent makes a comment on Kanye's presidential bid
Kanye West's presidential campaign comes across as a funny thing for many. It's a peculiar move seeing as how Kanye and Trump have gotten pretty pal amigo throughout the years. All things considered, Kanye even conceded that he'd preferably remove votes from Biden and see Trump remain president for yet another term.

50 Cent, who has been progressively reproachful of Kanye in the previous not many years, called 'Ye's campaign nothing but a diversion during an ongoing meeting with Billboard.  "I'm going to contemplate running myself. I'm going to run to create a diversion for someone else,"    Fif stated in a very mocking tone on being asked whom he is planning to vote this time "The new thing is to run to create a diversion and distract people. Would you run against someone who just gave you $2 million?"   This was regarding the report that YEEZY got over $2M in PPP.

Fif kept on recommending that Kanye possibly grasps Trump in a spirit of meanness for when Obama considered him a jackass over the Taylor Swift episode. In any case, as he talked about Kanye's ongoing choice to "deny" the president, Fif brought up that Kanye truly had no other alternative because of the current "atmosphere." 
And while this news is becoming big right now, there's plenty more coming Kanye's way now that he has decided his move. For updates and more, remain in touch with Flow Online.
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