Tom Holland dragged into Nicki Minaj's pregnancy announcement

Tom Holland dragged into Nicki Minaj's pregnancy announcement
In the course of recent weeks, a lot of people have been guessing about Nicki Minaj having a baby bump. The bits of gossip began sloping up following her appearance in 6ix9ine's "TROLLZ" video where she did a truly great job concealing her stomach or to say her baby bump. The story could not, however, stay under covers for a long time as Nicki Minaj herself announced this big news quite clearly. Sharing pregnancy photographs taken by David LaChapelle, Nicki got a staggering measure of positive messages from her fans and companions.

Nicki and her better half Kenneth Petty have been entirely vocal in the course of recent months about their attempts to have a child and develop their family. In any case, many saw that it wasn't Kenneth Petty getting congrats. It was Tom Holland of Spider-Man, who got received congratulation messages in abundance. Images began coming in and many started complimenting Holland on turning into a dad.

Many were befuddled with regards to why Holland, out surprisingly, would be even a tiny smidgen engaged with Nicki Minaj's pregnancy. Be that as it may, for reasons unknown, everything originates from an image that coursed in 2019. The Independent reports that the image delineates "a triangle between Minaj, James Charles, and Spider-Man."

The Internet joke apparently discovered new life following Nicki Minaj's large news. Tom Holland, nor Kenneth Petty, presently can't seem to offer any open expressions with respect to the image.

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