Niko Khale and Keyshia Cole dropping breakup hints through IG

Niko Khale and Keyshia Cole dropping breakup hints through IG
There are some people in the world who like to look into others lives to find out what new is happening and what have they been doing in their personal space. And while social media is a great tool to use for checking up such updates, this game has now become very trendy and almost every other person is a candidate trying to peep into some of the other person's private life.

Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale have one child, Tobias, and have been dating for a couple of years. While it appeared like everything was going incredible in their carries on with, the investigators over at The Shade Room apparently discovered some soil on the couple, uncovering that they have both tapped the unfollow button, apparently highlighting a separation. Since they are not seen on each other's following and followers list, it is being taken as a sign that they might have parted ways.

This news has surfaced this week but up until now none of the two have confirmed whether or not it is true. Presently, it would seem that they've each chosen to quit monitoring each other's internet-based life lives of course through social media, implying that they're likely done. Keyshia is following 38 people and that list does not include Niko anymore. The case is similar in Niko's profile as well.

On the off chance that the bits of gossip are valid and these two have really given it up, we wish the best to the two as they proceed onward and deal with the children. Ideally, the Niko and Keyshia can coincide so they can show little Tobias that, despite the fact that they're not, at this point together, Mommy and Daddy will consistently be a major part of his life.
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