Kanye and Kim plan a vacation away from paparazzi

Kanye and Kim plan a vacation away from paparazzi
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have planned a get-away with their children, which also turns out the last attempt of the couple at saving their marriage and rekindling their relationship with each other. Kanye has now finally confirmed the rumors that he had been planning a divorce ever since Kim went to meet Meek Mill over their discussion pertaining to prison reform. 

The couple both individually and with each other face paparazzi almost every time they step out of their houses. They are one of the most newsworthy couples across the globe yet, as they take a  new shot at their relationship, they are apparently cutting off themselves from media by choosing a vacation spot that cannot by any chance be penetrated by photographers. They believe they want some time alone and this is the best alternative they can stick to for getting clarity amongst themselves.

As per TMZ, the couple went to "fortress" only to avoid paparazzi. 

Up until now, there has been no update/notification from Kim or Kanye as they are spending some time with their family. Not a tweet, story, or any other content has been posted by them for their fans.

Kim and Kanye have been in the news for the last short time on account of the challenges they're having in their marriage. After he kept away from Kim for a considerable length of time, Kanye at long last permitted her to go to his farm in Wyoming, rejoining with a weepy excursion to Wendy's. Ideally, they're ready to work on their bond and give their marriage a second chance. For updates on this and more, remain in touch with us at Flow Online.

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