Asian Da Brat supports Megan after her injury

Asian Da Brat supports Megan after her injury
There have been numerous celebrities and hip hop singers who have approached to help Megan Thee Stallion as her foot injury recuperates, however, Asian Da Brat shared that the Houston rapper has taken some time out to communicate with her buddies, also. As of late, Asian Da Brat shared that she was associated with an alarming mishap that left her in the emergency clinic. Her sibling was additionally harmed in the accident, and after she recuperated, she chose to hip up the club with her friends to show them gratitude and also invest some time in them so they feel valued and loved by her.
"Loyalty at its finest 🤞🏽 she took a jet to support me I’ll never forget I was down on my death bed & she the only person called me making me laugh," "No song or record could buy the genuine love we share. We ride together we die together HOT DOLL GIRLS 4 LIFE." Asian Da Brat posted on Twitter with a picture that had the two of them together in it. 
"You wouldn’t understand how traumatizing that morning was for me I needed this trip to the club idgaf 🥺 I would’ve had PTSD if it wasn’t for my event I was having that day & my friends that came out to support me ❣️❣️." She further wrote on IG to keep praising and appreciating Megan for her goodness. 
Megan Thee Stallion too replied to each of these with a heartfelt message and thanked everyone for all the love and blessings they have been showering. 
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