Kanye and wife Kim go to the Dominican Republic for a date

Kanye and wife Kim go to the Dominican Republic for a date
As the season of elections in the US moves ahead, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have gotten away for family time in the Dominican Republic. The official cheerful and star spouse was traveling in the D.R. back in August, and they've gotten back to their palatial retreat area for one-on-one time—well, with their four children close behind. Just yesterday (October 7), Kanye West took to Twitter to advance his "Vote Kanye" political decision merchandise as he even claimed to put a cap on Kamala Harris as he viewed the debate on vice presidentship.

As the destiny of Kanye's political yearnings remains in a critical state, Kim Kardashian shared photographs of her family. "Supper Dates in the DR," she subtitled her Instagram transfer that included one of her kids holding tight her while the oldest girl North sat tranquility close to her father. This follows another night outpost that Ye as of late shared on Twitter, exposing reports that the Wests are made a beeline for separate from court.

After Kanye called out his relative, Kris Jenner, and yelled on Twitter quite recently, the status of his union with Kim turned into the discussion of newspaper and theoretical reports. Nonetheless, it looks as though the West team is doing fine and dandy.
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