Lil Baby shares details of his prison experience

Lil Baby shares details of his prison experience
Due to his encounters with the justice framework, a few fans thought that it was amazing to hear Lil Baby say that he wouldn't make any more politically-determined melodies. His track "The Bigger Picture" picked up steam during the Black Lives Matter fights, however Lil Baby later got back to state that he's not good for the political field.   "I don't want to be no Malcolm X or Martin Luther [King].… I stuck my nose in it. I'm good on that," he mentioned to GQ.

However, that doesn't imply that Lil Baby won't keep talking about legal change while sharing what he suffered in a correctional facility. "Prison is just sitting you in a room somewhere. What does that do to better you for society? What does that do to help you change?""To me, jail makes you worse.... You don't have a leash on your neck, but you got handcuffs on your wrists. You're not in a dog cage but you're in a human cage, which is not too much bigger than a dog cage. You live where you use the bathroom at. They feed you when they want to feed you. You eat when they tell you to eat. It's almost like being a dog.""it's like it's working in a good way for me and for my people.""It let me know that my mindstate is not all the way wrong — the way I feel and the way I'm thinking." 
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