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Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

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Jerrell Corron Jones.  

aka J-Kwon.
aka The Teen President.
aka The "Tipsy" Guy.
aka The "One Hit Wonder"?

Let's not take this roll call too far. 

Are you tired of his gold single, "Tipsy" yet? Trust me, we all are!!

That's because in 2004, "Tipsy" was the #8 most played song in the country with over 309,293 spins. 

Picture that! 

That's includes ALL genre's of music including, Classical. (Usher's,"Yeah" was #1 at 496,805 total spins)

"It ain't about "Tipsy"!, J-Kwon tells The Flow. 

So, he comes out with another heated-ass single,"Get XXX'd" (f/Petey Pablo,Ebony Eyez)on the "xXx: State of the Union" Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Now, he's gearing up for the release of his new, So So Def  LP, "Louisville Slugger" with a little help from fellow St. Louis natives, Chingy, Nelly and new artist Ebony Eyez.
"We're just tired of playin'!", J-Kwon says.

His 2004 debut, "Hood Hop" put him on the map
but at age 19, J-Kwon has lived a man's life twice his age. 

A lifestory worthy of a movie script.

j-kwon 2

Kicked out by his mother at age 12, J-Kwon hustled to survive by "slangin' that rock". He got his jaw broken after beating another MC in a freestyle battle and had two baby's mamas all before his could legally vote.

He was homeless.

He slept in various friends' parked cars on the street for a year and a half, writing his rhymes in the dark with a cigarette lighter.

J-Kwon's luck eventually changed when St. Louis music executive, Sean Caldwell who believed in his talent, took him into his home.

Two more years come and go.

Caldwell took J-Kwon's demo to platinum producers, "The Track Boyz", (Nelly and Nappy Roots) and they offered J-Kwon $1,000 to sign with them.

Small investment..BIG RETURN!

After signing with "The Track Boyz", J-Kwon had a showcase in front of Arista Records president and CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid, So So Def CEO Jermaine Dupri. After belittling both Reid and Dupri in his rap, J-Kwon pulls his pants down and moons them...ass out!  They loved it, and he was signed to Dupri's So So Def imprint.

"Tipsy" was the first single.

For those wishing to follow in his difficult footsteps, J-Kwon offers very little advice.

 J-kwon 3

"I ain't got no advice for ya, stay your ass in school." he says. "Do what you KNOWS gonna pop off."

What else is he gonna tell you? Go through what he's been through?

Read between the lines, "Pimp". 

In other words, as J-Kwon says, "Man, this sh*t is hard!"

 ((( Audio Interview Below )))



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