KD Aubert

(au-bear) is one of the hottest actresses in urban cinema. 

Story by Matthew Shack
Interview  by
Roger Hooks

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You've seen her in "Friday After Next", "Soul Plane"and she is currently starring in the film,"Dying For Dolly"with R&B SuperstarUsher Raymond.

Her modeling career is 'bangin'! Her beautiful face gracing the pages of every Hip Hop Magazine on the rack.

But, when it comes down to the Internet? Who's she ridin' with? Right again, Players and Playettes...The Flow!

Don't let the smooth face fool ya! And, Don't get it twisted!

is not just a pretty face, she's a pretty face that can rap her ass off. And, she working with some of the top producers in the game to prove it.



We caught up with KD in the studio in ATL, to chop it up with her.

TFM: You are often described as an "African-American Angelina Jolie". I never looked at you in that way, but I guess you really do now that it's pointed it out. Do you get that often? 



 KD: Yeah, a lot of people tell me that I look like Angelina Jolie and I thank them every time. 

TFM: Have you ever met her? 

KD: No, I’ve never met Angelina Jolie, but I’m anxiously waiting.

TFM: Do you feel that you look like her? 

KD: Sometimes I feel like I look like her. Like certain angles, certain photos, certain expressions. 

TFM: Maybe you can write yourself into the next "Tomb Raider" movie as a long lost sister or something. What would you think about that? A "Black Tomb Raider"... You think the world is ready for that? 

KD: I definitely think the world is ready for a "Black Tomb Raider " or "African-American" whichever is appropriate. I think that would be hot! I could definitely play her ‘long lost’ sister or you know, evil twin or something. I don’t know. But, I’m sure somebody creative could come up with something sexy and hot and adventurous.











TFM: I have to say that you eyes and lips come together to create a unique combination... Where are you from??? Or where are your parents from.... to make a delightful treat such as yourself? 

KD: My mother was born in New York and my father was born in California. And, I was not born in either place, I was born in Louisiana. Raised in California. And the reason why everything is all scattered is because I come from a military background. 

TFM: So... you got your start at MTV... What did you do before that??? I mean what about before the fame??? High School etc... Where you ‘Miss-All-That’ in High School or what? 

KD: In high school, I don’t think I was a ‘Miss-All-That’.  I was a 'Miss Athlete'. My focus was mainly on sports and hanging out. Before MTV, I modeled for Frederick’s of Hollywood and I did a lot of runway modeling and I did a lot of in stores. A lot of the things that 'rookie models' have to do in the beginning. 

TFM: Man... I didn’t realize it but if I sat down and thought about it you have been in quite a bit of movies... Many times as the main female interest... and your kill’n em every time... look’n just as good as you did the first time... For the young ladies out there looking to follow in your footsteps... What kind of advice can you give them in maintaining a fresh look? 'Cause, we all know that it's hard to stay fresh in Hollywood. 

KD: It’s definitely hard to stay fresh in Hollywood but I think that you have to be very innovative and you can’t be one-dimensional. I believe that you have to use what God gives you and make it work for you. That’s why I spend most of my time trying to figure out, “how can I keep my face out there” and how can I stay active and stay in the mix in Hollywood. And, stay working. It’s really not that easy but I just thank God that my phone continues to ring. 












TFM: You've worked with some of the most street credible entertainers in the rap game. Cube, Snoop, and Method Man are just a few. Do you think street credibility is important to entertainers and if so what do you do to maintain your street cred?






  KD: I think street credibility is very important in the fact that I’ve been so fortunate to work with so many great entertainers and people in the rap game, I think that at the end of the day, corporate America and the rest of the world, eventually have to go to the streets to find out what’s hot. I maintain my street credibility by not forgetting the streets. A lot of people won’t do a lot of the urban publications and the urban magazines or host urban events or do things involving the streets. But, that’s where I’m from and I’ll never forget that. I believe that as long as you stat in it, it will continuously give you the love and support that’s needed to survive. 

TFM: Now, people don’t know this but you got skills...rap skills.What’s up with that? 

KD: When it comes to flowin’ I believe that I’m tight. I love playing with words. I love discovering and finding new words. I know how to ride a track and I hear great melodies. As soon as I hear a track, first things first, I hear a melody. Sometimes the song speaks to me and tells me what’s it saying even before it’s saying anything. So, I definitely believe I have skills. 

TFM: So you’re not just a pretty face huh? How would you describe your Flow? 

KD: No, I’m definitely not just a pretty face. And, I believe that my flow is sexy. I’m not trying to come off hard. I’m not trying to come off gangster. I’m just talking about the things that are active in my life. I talk about love, I talk about partying, and I talk about sex and drugs and different things. I shouldn’t say drugs; I’m going to say marijuana. Cause that’s as far as I go but, you know it’s just me. And it’s funny because at first I was gonna cover up a lot of things and not really mention the fact that I smoke, that I drink but, it’s me and I don’t want to put up a facade and somebody sees me doing it and end up shocked. So, it’s just me and I’m putting it out there and that what my lyrics are all about. 










TFM: Your modeling is obviously poppin’ and you more than got your foot in the door when it comes to acting, movies, television and videos...So....What made you want to get into the rap game??? 








 KD: I’m definitely happy with the way that my career is going with the movies and the modeling, you know just everything. But with the music, people don’t know that before I even started modeling and acting, I was in a couple girls groups. I was in some singing groups. I was never really the lead vocalist but, I did write a lot and I knew at that time that my gift was writing. 
Since then, I kind of put it under the rug but I’ve always maintained my writing with poetry. And, you know different things that I’ve never really acted on. 
I looked up and I was modeling. I looked up and I was acting. Then, I got labeled as the pretty face and the sexy girl and I was doing swimwear and lingerie. By then it was too late. I felt like the world wouldn’t accept me as a rapper. And, that’s really what I wanted to do. 
That’s what I felt in my heart. So, I just got to the point where I was like, I’m gonna put everything hold and give this a shot. And at the end of the day, at least I tried. I can always go back to the modeling; I can always go back to the movies. I’m still young. I’m having fun right now. I’m an entertainer. 








TFM: Since your mostly known for those lips...Damn! Those nice looking kissable lips...Oh, Uhmmm....I’m sorry....So Yeah....Do you worry about being taken seriously? 






KD: (Smiling) I thank God for my lips…But, I don’t fear people not taking me seriously because really all you need is five minutes with me to know what I’m all about. I think with the passion and aggression that comes out when I speak or my body language, you can’t help but take my serious cause I’m always talking about some real shit. I’m always talking about some true shit. You know, that’s not really a worry for me. And if somebody doesn’t take me serious then we need to talk.




TFM: Are there any rappers (male or female) that you model yourself after or look up to in any way? 

KD: I don’t really model myself after anyone. I do look up to a lot of rappers in the game. I’m a huge fan of Method Man; lyrically I feel that he’s a genius. Jay-Z? Genius. I really wish Da Brat would come back because I’ve always been a fan of hers. Also, a lot of west coast rappers. I was raised on the west coast. From Second 2 None, AMG, to DJ Quik to NWA. There’s lot of cats I really look up to. 
Even in some of my songs, I find myself mimicking their flow. Like, I just did a song and I’m kind of flowing like Joe Budden’s. (flow) I like his flow. You know and a lot of east coast rappers too. Run DMC..like I just did a Rock & Roll song. When I listen to it, I just kinda see myself going back a forth across the stage like they did. I like people that can also bring in a lot of other elements to their music like Kevin Lyttle and Beanie Man. I’m open-minded. I’m just open to receive a lot of different types of music. Reggae is definitely 3rd World. I just love music, man.




TFM: Okay... The question that all MC’s are waiting for... CAN YOU FREESTYLE??? 





KD: I haven’t really mastered the art of freestyle yet. It’s like I’m more of a visual creator when it comes to my music like I see shit before I write it. And, I haven’t really conditioned my mind to whatever it takes to do that. Sometimes, when I’m riding down the street and I hear a track or whatever and I’m feeling something? I can just start spittin’ about that shit. But I think it’s like you get to the point where your like, Ahh, I can’t find a word for that point right there or that don’t make sense or just whatever. 
Mentally, I think that mental blockage screws that all up. I’m not gonna lie and sit there and say I can freestyle. Shit! If I’m feelin’ it? Then yeah. If not? Then, I’m sorry! Laughs. I’m not even gonna put it out there like that. I’ll write some shit down though if you give me a few seconds and a pen and a pad, then hey, I can come up with some fire. Other than that, I’m not the battle rapper. I’m not the off the top of the dome, right away. Pressure will probably fuck me up too. 


TFM: So, when can we expect your first Album to be released??? 

Honestly, I don’t know. I'm hoping like sometime early next year. Right now, I'm just having fun. I’m in the studio, I’m creating hits and I got a loot of people excited. A lot of people are coming to the table form New York, to Atlanta, to L.A., to Miami so. I’m just really excited right now. And I’m just having fun. I just pray that my music career takes off like my movie career and my modeling career did. I feel like right now is the perfect time to be doing what I’m doing. 
I feel like it’s wide open for me right now. I’m still young and apparently, something must be right with what I’m doing because the blessing that I’m getting from writers to producers to studios I’m recording in? It wouldn’t be coming like it is if it wasn’t time and I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. I’m truly finding out that my passion for music far exceeds a lot of other things. 

TFM: Any other notable names making an appearance on your album? 

Not that I want to mention right now. 

TFM: One last question...For all the guys peepin' this... They all have on thier mind...”Man...What would I have to do to get with that?” Are you approachable??? Give us your idea of the perfect man taking you on the perfect date? 

KD: (Laughs) I believe that I’m very approachable. You know..in my eyes, I’m just a cool ass female. I really feel that I’m allergic to bullshit it makes me sneeze but, I think just being around me at the right time, there’s really no set approach, there’s really no set date, there’s really no set type. 
I really don’t believe in the perfect man. ‘Cause there’s certain things you’re gonna have to deal with that you maybe not want to deal with but there’s a lot of other good things that make you overlook those things you don’t wanna deal with. It’s just timing. 

TFM: Is there any other thing that you want your fans to know about you and what you've got crackin'? 

KD: Well, I definitely want everybody to go check out "Dying for Dolly" on November 23rd 2005 with me and Usher Raymond and Chazz Palminteri and a lot of other great actors. 
You know I just want to say to all my fans that I truly want you guys to come with me on this musical journey and I really hope that I don’t disappoint you. I have a lot of people who approach me and come up to me and they’re like “I’ve been following you since and they start bringing up jobs and things that I did that I forgot about. And like I just really feel like with my fans that I’ve been bringing them on a journey. 
I hope you enjoy this ride with me. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster and I just wan everybody to ride with me. And that’s what I think about with my music. When I select my tracks, when I write my lyrics..like juts come ride with me. Cause I’m guaranteeing you an adventure and I’m guaranteeing you fun. Stay up to date with me on my website 



 ((( Audio Interview Below )))






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