David Banner

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

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Mississippi's All-Time Greats


 Walter Payton (Sweetness)

Jerry Rice (G.O.A.T)

Brett Farve (3 MVP's)

David Banner (The Incredible Hulk Of Hip Hop?)




Name another MC from the 'MS' and I'll give you $100 in quarters... 


Thought so. 

Like the Greek God Atlas, David Banner, a native  of Jackson, Mississippi put his home state on his back and carried it all the way to the top of the rap game. 

Before Banner, Mississippi was only known for Hall Of Fame football players and Southern racism.

Banner tells The Flow, "It’s just so good because right now we out here making sure that people love and respect our music."

He slapped the industry in the face with his gold-certified 2003 major label debut "Mississippi-The Album."


Banner caught 'em slippin' again on his sophomore effort, "MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water". "MTA2:"cemented his legacy as a bonafide superstar.

His new LP, “Certified Man” was released on August 23rd and its hit single,"Play" is on everyone playlist for the radio, to the street, to the club.

Before Kanye West there was David Banner.

D. Banner is one of the premiere producers in Hip Hop crafting hits for T.I.  ("Rubber Band Man"), and Nelly  ("E.I.- The Tipdrill Remix"). 

Banner has made the successful leap from hit producer to successful recording artist. Along with the likes of "Ye", and Dr. Dre, he's navigated this treacherous road like a Chevy Tahoe. 

What's next for David Banner? How about the movies.



Banner makes his big screen debut opposite Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake in the film, "Black Snake Moan".





"Well, actually right I’m in acting school right now so I’m taking my time, I got 3 or 4 offers but I’m just gon' lay back for a minute and make sure when it’s my time, it’s my time!", he explains. 

The small screen is not out of harm's way either.












 "I got a cartoon coming out next season on Cartoon Network, its gon' be good! "


David Banner is "Certified". No other proof is needed.



((( Audio Interview Below )))








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