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byJasmine Williams &
Bridgette Morgan

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Hurricane Katrina has changed the lives of many. One of them is Howard Bailey Jr.  

He's a rapper from St. Louis and member of GIB. (Get It Boys)



Chingy isn't too far gone to forget that he's still, Howard Bailey Jr.  

He understands that his help and influence is needed by those individuals who have suffered greatly during these times of crisis.

For Steve Harvey's Benefit Concert for Katrina Relief in Los Angeles on September 26, 2005...he was "Right Thurr". 

Steve called him, personally.

The St. Louis rapper smashed into the game '03 with his debut album, the triple-platinumJackpot. Supported by the hit single "Right Thurr," the LP also provided two other hits: "Holidae In" (with Snoop Dogg and Ludacris) and "One Call Away."

His sophomore LP album PowerBallin', snapped necks with "Balla Baby."

Chingy chopped it up with The Flow's own Jasmine Williams and Bridgette Morgan about some of the more important things that were on his mind.

TFM: Let me first ask how important did you feel it was that you come out and support this event with Steve Harvey tonight?


 Chingy:I felt it was real important cause it’s for a good cause. You know cause it’s to help alot of people that lost a lot of things you know. I had a charity event that I did back home in St. Louis that came out real good so if I can be any help, I’m here to support Steve and plus Steve he my peoples and it’s for a positive cause.

 Okay so what were your thoughts when you actually saw it happening on TV, when you saw it on the news? Any family out there?

I had a lot of friends down there, I thought it was messed up you know cause nobody thought or expected the hurricane to do all that so I thought it was real messed up and like I said anyway I can help, I did help and that’s why I had my thing to help raise money to donate to the folks down there. 



 Okay off that, what projects do you have coming up?



Chingy: My 3rd album is coming in like March, it’s called “Hoodstar”. We go drop the single in like November so be looking out for that and I just got finished with this movie called “The System Within” that should be coming out like in February. I’m just working and I’m working on this show for MTV2 called High Rollers, this game show and I’m hosting it so that’s go be pretty cool too so lookout for that!



TFM: Are you here to perform or are you just here to support?



Chingy:Naw, I’m just here to support. I just came through to show my support! 

 ((( Audio Interview Below )))


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