Mike Epps

Story by Matthew Shack
Interview by
Jasmine Williams
& Bridgette Morgan.

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Mike Epps is a very funny 'cat'.

Mike Epps is very talented 


Mike Epps is also a humble enough 'cat'  to honor his blessings by giving back to the people who need his help the most.


Mike performed at 'Steve Harvey's Benefit Concert for Katrina Relief' in Los Angeles on September 26, 2005.

The Urban Superstar of Ice Cube's, "Friday" film franchise and the star of the forthcoming "Richard Pryor Biopic", (He was tapped by Pryor himself to play the role) spoke with our own Jasmine Williams Bridgette Morgan about those in need.

 How important do you feel that it is for comedians like yourself that were blessed with a gift to come out and support an event like this?


Mike Epps:
Well, you said it right there. God gave me a blessing and I feel like when you’re in the business of giving, then once God gives you something, then you automatically become in the business of giving yourself. So I feel like it’s a blessing for me to come out and share some of my blessings with the people for a good cause.



 TFMSo with your material tonight, are you going to touch on the Katrina incident?



Mike Epps: You know, it’s a real touchy situation! I don’t have no jokes about it. If you happen to laugh at me on what I’m talking about, then you’ll laugh off that but I don’t have no Katrina jokes or nothing. 

TFM: Not to get too political on you but how do you feel about how the government handled the whole issue, us being African American? What’s your views on that?



Mike Epps: They some dirty motherf---ers!!



 ((( Audio Interview Below )))


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