Mike Jones


Story and Interview by Matthew Shack


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Houston, Texas is...BUBBLIN', young nephew!!!

Paul Wall, Beyonce, Chamillionaire, Destiny's Child, Bun B, Devin The Dude, Swisha House, Rap-A-Lot, Lil' Flip, Slim Thug, Scarface, Geto Boys and Mike Jones.





Mike Jones had hoop dreams, but when the NBA didn't come calling, he put down the basketball and focused on a career in "The Rap Game".


In 2001, he started his own label, Ice Age Entertainment and began to put out his own music.


While 'slangin'  his CD's on the street and to the local DJ's inH-Town...those he bumped into, didn't have a clue who he was.


 "Who are you?"


"Mike Jones",  he’d reply.






This was an every day thing, that was getting out of hand and frustrating too. 

Mike's music was tighter than most of the songs these same folks were beatin' out in their rides and spinnin' in the clubs.


He was really growing tired of the haters. (Trust that!...We rides wit ya, Mike...The Flow has plenty of them.)








 He talked to his Grandmother, Elsia Mae Jones, about the situation and she had a very simple answer...


She told him to, "Just start saying, who? Mike Jones...Who?...Mike Jones."




"Grandma Jones" knew more about Artist Marketing and Promotions than most major record labels do.


Mike Jones became known as the cat who kept repeating his name over and over  again in his rhymes.


 "Mike Jones. Who?"...is now, A HOUSEHOLD HIP-HOP PHRASE!


DJ Michael Watts, signed him to his  Swisha House label and Jones "blew up" on nearly thirty "screwed and chopped" mix tapes.


His platinum debut LP,  "Who Is Mike Jones?", has made him into a rap superstar.





 Mike Jones took time out of his hectic schedule to chop it up with The Flow.





TFM: How do you deal with the phenomenal success that you've recently come into. You must really be 'trippin'!



Mike Jones: "I really feel what surprises me is that I mean don't get me wrong, I always planned for it. I always prayed for it, I always work hard for it. It's just a shock to just see kids of all ages of all races to just really show love like they show love, and people to just really just let me know that my song touched them in a very special way. So, that motivates me to keep motivating people and it motivates me to keep you know doing what I'm doing."




TFM: Do you still answer your cell phone? Everybody in the world has your number, now.




Mike Jones: "Man, I answer my cell phone number like all the time and you know what? A lot of people be like, "Man, you don't ever answer your phone." I'm on the planes more, I fly a lot more, I do more in store, I do more interviews, I do more phoners. So, a lot of times my phone is on the sideline ringing. But, it's really my number though and people know that."




TFM: You have a new album about to hit, right? 




Mike Jones: "Yeah,  I'm working on my new album it's called "American Dream" and I'm going to keep it the same. I mean you know, I'm going to keep it the same. I'm going to touch a lot of more topics, I'm going to just be me. The "American Dream" is going to be just like "Who Is Mike Jones" with you know with new beats and more game for me to give y'all you know what I'm saying? Cause lot of times when people start changing, I mean when you change you're really just looking for a whole new fan base to support you, when I really already got a million people who supported me from this way so that must mean for me to keep being me and keep doing what I'm doing. The same, "Mike Jones" just new beats, new verse."




TFM: My favorite line is..“Back then, they didn't want me, now I'm hot, they all on me”…How can you tell, who's really down for Mike Jones or... who's down for Mike Jones' loot?




Mike Jones: "I honestly think the way I can find out if somebody's really down for me for me instead of my money or what I got... I mean... I don't go out trying to find new friends.  I'm sticking with the ones I got. I get into it with my label every now and then for trying to bring all my original homies but hey, it's all good. It's cool to meet people but I ain't trying to  meet no new friends. I already got the ones that's been down with me from scratch so, if I do look out for anybody it should be the ones that I been down with, who was with me going through the struggle. Females? I been down with my main [girl] forever so, I'm gonna hold it down like that. There are a lot of females that show [me] a lot of love but there's a lot of them that's "Back Then" so, I'm just keeping it for the record. I mean, I'm a good guy."








TFM: Tell all the fellas out there about these, “back then” females...Educate 'em, man.




Mike Jones: "There was this chick in “99” that I was trying to uh, well my example of a '"back then" chick I was trying to holler at a chick in “99” we was cool already but In “99” she told me she wasn't really digging me, you know. Everything was cool, we can be friends but I was cute but I was a little chubby. So, she don't date chubby guys and I was like O.K...cool." ...."So me and her, we continued to be friends and then all of a sudden while in the midst of me being cool with her, I just kept working and kept you know, doing my thing and my name just started blowing up and when she seen me on TV and when she seen me at a club? She was like, "Oh, how you doing baby? I miss you. I aint seen you in a long time." I'm like, "What's going on? What you mean?" She was like "Uh, I aint seen you in a while.. here go my number. You know, you don't go to the house and say what's up no more." I was like, " Nah, you remember you don't like chubby guys or whatever."And she was like, "I can over look that, straight up." I was like 'wow' that's why I say, "I remember back then.. most of the girls couldn't stand me now, the same girls trying to pull down their panties...JYEAH."




TFM: (Laughs) Mike, they really be asking you to pull down their panties, man? 


Mike Jones: "Yea, yea...they really beg me, man! They be begging me. They be like, "Mike, I know that I didn't want you 'back then' but I want you now so, can you please holler at me?"...(Laughs)  But, Hey..."




((( Audio Interview Below ))

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