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Houston, Texas has two Hall Of Famers named, "Hakeem".



Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon is one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players.





Hakeem "Chamillionaire" Seriki  is one of the greatest lyricists not just in the Dirty-Dirty but... in the WHOLE Rap Game.





Both attended, The University of Houston.


One teamed with Clyde Drexler...The other, with Paul Wall.





Both are champions in their perspective occupations.



Both of their names are commonly mispronounced. ("Ka-millionaire" not "SHA-millionaire")





Chamillionaire's mixtape group, "The Color Changin' Click" with his former best friend, Paul Wall is legendary...



Their break up was the equivalent of "SHAQ & KOBE" in the "H-O-U".

But, that was then...THIS IS NOW!! It's all about "CHAMILLITARY" and Universal Records in '06.

Chamillionaire: AKA "The Mixtape Messiah"  AKA "King Koopa" chops it up with The Flow's own, Matthew Shack.

TFM: You've been dubbed "The Mixtape Messiah", that's a big blessing to called something like that.





Chamillionaire: That came about by me being on a whole bunch of mixtapes. It started off that I use to just rap on other peoples mixtapes, that was kind of my entrance in the game. In Houston and in Texas, the biggest thing that was going on was the "chopped and screwed" mixtapes...for a while people hadn't heard my normal voice which was nothing but "screwed and chopped" freestyles of Chamillionaire.




So, it's kind of like this "mystery" of who Chamillionaire was. And over the years, I started graduating to a point where I would put out my own mixtapes and I started being real successful with that. So, a lot of people knew about Chamillionaire just from the mixtapes. 

TFM: You've got your new album, "Sound of Revenge" in stores, what should your fans expect from you this time? 





Chamillionaire: We shipped 500,000 copies,  so we shipped gold on the album...I think people can expect a different side of Houston, basically. I know that people are familiar with the whole "chopped and screwed" movement but this a whole different thing coming out of Texas because it's catering to the lyrical aspect of the South.




A lot people look at the South like, "We're just simple and there's not any true lyrical content in the South." I think that my album, "Sound of Revenge" shows a different side of it. Even with the features, I got SCARFACE, BUN B., KILLA MIKE, PASTOR TROY,LIL' WAYNE, CRAZY BONE, and then the single with LIL' FLIP, it's a lot of variety coming out the South.



TFM: Who do you got on production for the album?


Chamillionaire: The single, "Turn It Up" was produced bySCOTT STORCH and it's making a lot of noise right now. BET, MTV and the radio spins are going crazy on that song right now. Also I got THE BEAT BULLIES, from Atlanta, GA. They're on BIG BOI from OUTKAST'S label, they did the majority of the album. I also got PLAY N' SKILLS they produced LIL' FLIP'S last album. I got COOL AND DRE from Miami who produced "Hate It or Love It" from 50 and GAME. I got MANNIE FRESH, he produced a track for me and LIL' WAYNE and my brother. (RASAQ)  I got HAPPY T, who's from Texas also. It's a real bangin' album. 

TFM: You got some real heavy hitters, dog. You ain't playin'... You smackin' cats across the jaw, huh? 

Chamillionaire: Definitely...we're just trying to show them a different side of Texas. It's to the point that people know about Texas now but, I'm here to be a "career artist". With the album, I try to walk the line between street and commercial. It's not TOO street and it's not TOO commercial. I tend to lean toward the "street" side but a lot of times, those albums don't go anywhere, you know what I mean? 

TFM: Definitely, man. That's a slippery slope right there, folks ...Some people don't know that you left the University Of Houston to conquer this rap game. How did you make that tough decision to leave school and persue your career in Hip Hop? 

Chamillionaire: With me, it was a situation that my family understood. Even when I was real young, I was the kind of person who helped to support my family. At a young age, I was living the life of a 30 year old in my teen-aged years. When I made the decision, my family understood that we would be able to eat better right now if I do this. Because the rap thing started making money for me,  it got to a situation that I had to start taking it seriously. Some people try to rap and go to school at the same time but if you go 50% at one and 50% at the other, you'll probably will fail at both. 

I like to focus on one thing and go at it 100% . I had a lot of things that were in my favor. I had a big buzz that was building, major labels coming at me with deals and stuff so I had to take that route. I still plan on going back and get a degree in business. But, everything ended up being really successful for me. 





TFM: Tell us about the "Chamillitary Movement"...y'all about to take over, huh?



Chamillionaire: Yeah, man! It starts in the streets. I always say that people think that when they get on TV or they get a deal, they think that everything is just gonna blow up ...With me, everything starts on the ground level. Every rapper and every artist needs to have a core fan base. Fans that want to be like you, know what your wearing, looking out for your next mixtape not just your last song.Those type of fans come from the streets. 
It's all about building up within "the mixtape world" my main artist my brother, RASAQ ...he's on a song with me and LIL' WAYNEand people are starting to bite on him because of that song. I got my DJ, OG RON C  who is a real big "chopped and screwed" DJ in the South..he won "Dirty South DJ Of The Year", two years in a row..he's doing a lot in the mixtape world, you know? 

TFM: Your situation with PAUL WALL is well documented. There's a lot of people who wanna know, is there any chance of you and him "burying the hatchet" and going back to making that "good southern music" that you guys did in the past? 

Chamillionaire: The "hatchet is already buried", like we're not beefin' but, I don't think that there's gonna be a point where we'll be making the same music that we did in the past. He went his way and I went my way and we kind of agreed to disagree, it's as simple as that. 
I think that alot of people are looking forward to seeing us get back together and making some music but to me, I think that it was meant to be this way, you know what I'm sayin'? It's like who's to say that just because we get back together it gonna even be that same marriage like it was back in the day. 
He's grown into a completely different person, who I feel like I don't know and it might be vice versa...I might have grown into a completely different person who, he doesn't know.We havent hung out in a long we don't even know each other anymore really. So, how do you get back into the studio and create a chemistry like that? 
I feel it's just meant to be this way, you know? We don't both rap the same the same way we use to rap . We were younger,we use to rap about a lot of punch lines a lot of stuff with no purpose and I think that both of us have grown out of that a lil' bit...So, I think it was meant to be this way, you know? 





TFM: The NBA All-Star Game is in Houston this season, I'm coming down there to hang with you. What you got crackin, man? 

Chamillionaire:  Man, it's goin' down! We're gonna do it big, man!...As we speak, I'm working on some stuff for the All-Star Game..every one in Houston is HOT right gonna be crazy...real crazy, man.









TFM:  I ain't playin', man...I'm coming down!!




Chamillionaire: Come all down, man! I already told everybody...I'm not trying to perform all night...I'm trying to go to PUFFY'S party, too.
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