Story by Matthew Shack
Interview by Jasmine Williams

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Ciara Princess Harris...what's in a name?



A princess who's at age 20 is a queen of her own court.

Dubbed the First Lady of "Crunk & B," Ciara has solidified her place as 'that girl who started a trend that will soon take over traditional urban music'  ie..The musical marriage of a red-hot Hip Hop super producer (Lil' Jon) and a beautiful, multi-talented female singer(Ciara).

(Wait a moment...this isn't so new, think R. Kelly and Aaliyah,without the extras.)


Ciara is not just making dance hits...she's making..DANCE ANTHEMS.

"Goodies,"  "1, 2 Step," feat. Missy Elliott,  "Thug Style,"  "Hotline," "Oh" feat. Ludacris..she killed the radio with her whipser-esque vocals, playfully teasing lyrics and on-point harmonies.


Even though her multi-platinum debut LP, "Goodies" is well over a year old, Ciara is literally everywhere!  Go to any dance club, go to any party, turn on the radio, go to any strip club..err..I mean, party.. and at least one if not all of those songs mentioned, will be played during that event.


You've heard the stupid rumor about Ciara being a "man"?

This rumor has been emphatically confirmed as pure "hater-ade" by the 'lil homie, Bow Wow.

 (Fellas, you ought be ashamed to not have the manly ability to recognize a beautiful woman on damn-sight..Y'all need y'all's "Player Passes" permanently revoked...P.S., Ladies YOU hated, too..don't lie.)

 Ciara's Cinderella story can be likened to fine jewelry.

Ciara an Army Brat born in Austin Texas who loved Destiny's Child met-up with Hip-Hop Emprassario, Jazze Pha.

Like all visionaries in Hip Hop, Jazze went went to work and brought in his team of craftsmen to mold a superstar.

Pha discovered an un-cut diamond in Ciara...hit songwriter Sean Garrett cut the stone...Lil' Jon polished it...Petey Pablo, Missy and Luda helped draw attention to it..and YOU BOUGHT IT!


All of Ciara's dreams have came true through prayer and faith.

"Faith is one of the most important things that you must have to live, and make it in this world." she says. "That's one thing that I've learned as a young woman coming up."


In 2005, Ciara and current love interest, Bow Wow duplicated the #1 Hot Billboard 100 duet success of Hip Hop/ R&B beaus Jay-Z and Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" with "Like You.


On her personal relationship with "Bow-Wizzle", Ciara will add no fuel to the fire of gossip.


"Yes, I'm very happy and that's all I'll say about that."

When it comes to acquiring fame and fortune at such a young age, Ciara knows of a power that is greater than herself.



"I've been through so many struggles in life and so many struggles to get here and so obstacles and things to get here and faith is what has carried me though."

((( Audio Interview Below )))



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