Katt Williams

Story by Matthew Shack
Interview by 
Jasmine Williams


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Katt Williams is a funny motherf------!

Katt Williams is also a serious one, too.

Any man who's REAL name is Katt Micah Williams...and who's father named him after the 1960's Revolutionary, Black Panther Party's iconoclastic symbol of freedom...

That man' s intelligence  should not be tested...comedic or otherwise.


The hit MTV show, "Wildin' Out" is Nick Cannon's show but...Katt Williams IS the damn show.




Like his classic character, "Money Mike" from Ice Cube's"Friday After Next"...


"Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some pimpin' in it."


This "KATT" is a hot commodity with enough food on his plate to feed the homeless.



His forthcoming LP on Universal Records, It's Pimpin', Pimpin'  features prominent rap pimps, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Jon, Paul Wall &, Mike Jones.


 He's pimpin'  his custom ringtones to the tune of nearly a million downloads...for a nominal fee of course.




He's pimpin'  a movie with Boondocks comic strip pimp, Aaron McGruder... and he's pimpin'  a "sold-out" comedy tour, coming to a town near you.



Now...THAT'S pimpin', pimpin' !

 Katt Williams was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was an exceptional student but comedy was already in his blood.


His intentions to become a comedian piqued when at age 13, Katt emancipated himself from his parents and moved to Miami, and worked selling flowers in the Coconut Grove.


After traveling across the country while working with a carnival,Katt came back to Florida as a minor to break into stand-up.

Over the next few years, Katt toured the country and the world, gaining a loyal fan-base while winning numerous awards and comedy competitions, in the process.

"As an entertainer, just knowing that my fan base,
 [are] people that come out to the shows, you sign autographs for, you know watch your stuff on television, by your movies. So, in one way or another, we all are those people", Katt tells,The Flow.

In 2002, he guest-starred on NYPD Blue and received critical acclaim in his first film, Friday After Next.



All the while, Katt continued touring and gaining popularity and eventually stardom.


The tough times are over for Katt Williams, he lives in L.A. with his son, Micah and he is now a millionaire.


 katt williams 3



But..DONT GET IT TWISTED, pimpin'...



He is STILL the son of a former Black Panther..and he is STILL a revolutionary.

"I mean that’s everything that we see everyday. That’s why the white guy can get behind the car and nothing happens and the black guy goes and gets pulled over. The racial profiling you know, there’s no limitation, it is what it is and the thing is rather than pointing blame at the administration, we have to do whatever we can do cause those are our people so you can’t expect for other people to do more for your people than your willing to do!" , says Katt.



In other words...no matter what you gain or lose in life, money, fame, love or otherwise...


Always remember, who you are and where you come from...and what may or may not happen to you, if you do happen to forget. 

Remember to always...keep it pimpin', pimpin!


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