Story by Matthew Shack 
Interview by Jasmine Williams 

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Rashawnna Guy has music in her blood...literally!



Not only is she the First Lady of DTP and rollin' with Ludacris,she is also the daughter of legendary and 4x Grammy Award winning Blues guitarist Buddy Guy.
The lead single, "Gettin' Some"  off of her forthcoming sophomore album "Block Music" (DTP/Def Jam) currently #6 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart..."Block Music" is THICK!

Heaters on the album include: "Candy Coated", "Block Music (Bang)," feat. I-20 "In the Chi" "Gettin' Some" "Gettin' Some (Remix)" feat. Ludacris, Too Short and Lil' Wayne "Can't Break Me" feat. Shareefa "Stomp Em Out" "Roll With Me" "Hit the Back/Slide" "Take It Slow" "Can't Do It Like Me" feat. Ludacris"Chicago" and "Damn" feat. Smoke of Field Mob.

It hasn't always been an easy road for the rapping beauty fromChicago's South Side.

Her debut album, "Worth Tha Weight" was pushed back nearly two years from 2002 to 2004 by her label Def Jam and created
tension between the two factions.

Even with the hit records, "Shake That Shit" and "Wait A Minute"on the LP, sales on "Worth Tha Weight" we're lackluster." (Only 136,000 units)

Kanye West has made it clear many times in the past that his song, "Gold Digger" was originally written for Shawnna.  But she passed on the song like, Peyton Manning.
'Ye got with a pre-Ray Jamie Foxx, messaged and molded the song into the one of the most memorable hit songs in modern Hip-Hop History.

Even after all of that, Shawnna remains unfazed and clearly focused.

"You can expect a new album (Block Music) [coming soon]because, anybody that's in the industry knows better than to come out in the 4th quarter," she tells,The Flow.

In '96, as member of the Chicago rap duo Infamous
Syndicate,Shawnna then known as "Ticket Master" opened up for Junior M.A.F.I.A. in their home city due to only their demo tape being submitted.

The group's buzz grew and the duo signed a deal with Relativity Records.

After two years and insipid sales on their self-titled debut album, Relativity was absorbed by Loud Records and they we're left out in the cold.

ut, the passionate lyricist had fans in very high places... namely, Def Jam South's Vice President and DTP manager Chaka Zulu and one of the biggest rappers in the game...Luda.

Since signing with DTP, there has been little doubt that Shawnna's quick delivery and sexy persona c
ould conquer the lulling interest of female MC's in the music industry.

 time is now and "Block Music" will solidify her place in the game...



((( Audio Interview Below )))



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