Interview by Jasmine Williams 
Story by Matthew Shack

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Those of us who live the Hip-Hop Lifestyle have read all of the headlines…



"Miami rapper, Jacki-O files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, listing assets of just $1,340, despite having a blossoming recording career."







"The rapper listed debts of $144,225 and a monthly income under$900, a salary earned from shows and personal appearances."



(Stop!...Hammer Time!! )

"Jacki-O and Foxy Brown go to blows in a Miami studio."

(Damn! When was THAT fight on PAY PER VIEW??)

"According to her lawyer, the rapper's filing has effectively dissolved a five-album recording contract with
 Poe Boy Entertainment, which is distributed by TVT Records."

(Another female MC, bites the dust.)

"Miami rapper
 Jacki-O was arrested over the weekend for shoplifting at Neiman-Marcus."

(Oh well... at least she wasn't boosting from, The Dollar Store.)

Yeah, Jacki-O's career OFFICIALLY is over...she's done.

Not so fast with that one, pimpin’.

Most people in the game are sleeping on the Lady MC fromLiberty City, also known as Angela Kohn…but The Flow isn’t one of them….



And... we will be the FIRST to say this in print….Jacki-O is about to bubble!!!




Because...she can STILL rhyme...she's TALENTED and...she LOOKS GOOD! And, all of that can NEVER be stopped!

She garnered national attention with her '03 single "Nookie" and in‘04  she released her first album, Poe Little Rich Girl.

Even with lackluster sales on the LP, she still received a BET Award nomination for Best Female Rapper.

Filing for bankruptcy to void a record deal has been done in the past and have helped to resuscitate the careers of Run


DMC, TLC, and Toni Braxton.


Fellow Miami Rapstress, Trina recently filed bankruptcy as well so, "Can't Touch This" money.

With innuendos of signing with G-Unit, as well interests from other labels including TVTJacki has been grindin' in the studio on her new album, Jack The Ripper. 
She also just recently dropped the new club banging single, "Monkey."

But, the biggest rumor on the street is she has ALREADY signed anew record deal with BME RecordingsLil’ Jon's imprint!

 on Lil' Jon beats?? 
Look out!!!

"I'm in the studio working on another album,
 [and] working with other artists...I'm just
working!" Jacki tells The Flow.

From Poe Little Rich Girl to Jack The Ripper...new attitute, new opportunities, new game...

 is about to bubble!

((( Audio Interview Below )))




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