Interview by Jasmine Williams 
Story by Matthew Shack

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Titanium is a chemical element in the periodic table, its symbol is Ti and atomic number 22.

 is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion; it is almost as resistant as platinum, being able to withstand attack by acids, moist chlorine gas, and by common salt solutions.

Clifford Joseph 'TIP' Harris Jr. is a phenomenal Bankhead-Atlanta-bred MC/actor, his stage name is T.I., and his age is 25.

T.I. is known for his excellent resistance to wack records; his albums always go platinum, he has an innate ability to withstand attacks from rival rappers such as Lil' Flip and Ludacris, jail sentences, and by anyone who dares to question his moniker,"King Of The South".

His latest LP, King (Reviewed in The Flow, April '06) has sold over 1.4 Million units and debuted at number one on Billboard
200 chart and pushed 520,000 copies in its first week.

He made his critically acclaimed  acting debut in the major motion picture, "ATL" earlier this year and has recently signed on to star in the film, "American Gangster" with Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

He is an extremely talented, highly skilled wordsmith who is unquestionably successful in the rap game.

He has millions of adoring fans worldwide.

He is widely considered to be very good looking from the eyes of the female perspective. And?



The cat is filthy rich. T.I. has everything any normal person could ever want.


Or does he?

On May 3, 2006 after a concert performance, four members ofT.I.'s entourage were shot and wounded in a squabble with angry patrons while leaving a Cincinnati, Ohio nightclub. 

 best friend and personal assistant Philant Johnson was killed.

No amount of fame or fortune can bring his closest confidant back but 'TIP'  is a clutch player..the 'go-to' guy when things matter most.

Enter T.I., 'the philanthropist'.





T.I. has stepped up his game in the medium of community affairs not just with his money...but with his time.




He personally donated $50,000 to the relief fund for the victims ofHurricane Katrina, and lead an on-air radio drive in that raised over $263,000 for Mississippi MC David Banner's "Heal the Hood" Foundation.

In addition, T.I. has worked with troubled kids and provided scholarships for single parent families.

In June '05, The Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Foundation, formally acknowledged him with the 2005 Lisa Lopes Award for groundbreaking achievements in music and community service.

All of these gifts that T.I. has bestowed on others have all been sown through the gift that he's received from The Almighty.



It all comes from his music.



Speaking on those who didn't think much of him in the beginning of his career to his now infallable superstar celebrity status, T.I. tells The Flow,

"It was more of a box that people put me in who didn't know any better. Once they
 were made knowledgeable of how far outside the box I could go, they [wouldn't] have a problem seeing me there. Like my uncle use to say, "If they knew better, they'll do better."

 also has a very low electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity.

 does not.

 conducts heat and channels electricity just about everywhere he goes.

This is where they completely differ.

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