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Interview and story by Matthew Shack

((( Audio Interview Below ))) NSFW

We've been asked by many of our loyal readers and registered subscribers, this simple question...."Who are Smilez and Southstar and why are they on the cover of The Flow Online Magazine...The BEST Hip Hop Site on the NET...PERIOD?"

Good question, fam! 
Here's the answer...

Smilez & Southstar are the dynamic duo  out of Orlando, FLA that's part of theNEW SOUTH MOVEMENT of MC's, out there putting it down...HARD!

Their 2003  Top 40 hit single, "Tell Me" was SO hot, Ja Rule, Murder Inc, and Irv Gotti bit their song, note for note...WHILE IT WAS STILL CLIMBING THE CHARTS!

Smilez and Southstar are one of the few multi-racial hip hop acts in the game and they are trendsetters.

Smilez is Black, while Southstar is Chinese and Filipino, and they can actually Flow!


"Tell Me" used a sample from Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross's song, "Look, Listen, and Live". There was controversy when Ja Rule  and Ashanti's song "Mesmerized", released around the same time, used the same sample.

This made a slight "beef" between Smilez & Southstar and Ja Rule's record label, Murder Inc. Records.



Still don't know them?


Ask the PD at your favorite hip-hop station have they heard of them.

Ask MTV, have their videos ever been in high rotation.

Ask BET, the same thing...
Then, ask AJ & Free have they been on 106 & Park and we're they chilling on the couch, choppin' up and interviewing them.

Smilez and Southstar are currently working on their next album and should have a release date in 2007.



The album features the songs "Found Out", "Been a Long Time", and "Good Look" feat. Cash Money rapper Gotti. Beenie Man and Killer Mike will also be featured on the album.

Smilez & Southstar verbalizes the hot shit  with The Flow.

TFM: You cats have been on the scene for a minute. Many people know your songs but do't know you by name. What are you guy doing to get that name recognition that you deserve?





South: This album we kept it self titled. With the first album we had the hit, "Tell Me", but people really didn't get to know who Smilez and Southstar were. So that was kind our appoarch when we went into the studio over the last three years after dealing with all the legal bullshit that be going on. While we were going though that we were really trying to put together a hot album so everybode will get to know who Smilez and Southstar really are.







TFM: You came out really blazin' on the "Tell Me" cut and then you got undercut by Murder Inc. What really happened with that?



South: Ah man...I don't know how that shit went down. We had the beat, we wrote the track, know what I mean? [Wrote the] hook, got the sample, got everything cleared. [Then we] put it out there, crazy! It started bubbling hard. Next thing you know, Ja Rule's got the same type of flavor.   I guess [the record company] was trying to blame on Nasty, the guy who produced it. But, Nasty was like, "I don't even know these dudes like that." I think the record would have been a lot bigger if {Murder Inc] didn't try to undercut us like that. But, it kind of gave us more credibility.  'Cause, you have this mutil-platinum artist trying to bite off of us. We were just some Orlando cats from Orlando, rapping trying to get our grind on. And, here comes this dude trying to undermind our ideas. It still was a big song. "Tell me",was still big. And we just took it from there.

Smilez: People know us from that, though. Some people know us as the Black and Chinese group, from people know us from  "Tell Me" and some people know us as, "Oh yeah, Ja Rule  took your shit".

 Damn, I produce myself. I've got 5000 records and over 10,000 songs on my there's hella samples out there to use. Why do you have to jump on somebody else's grind?

 Because their record wasn't working at the time.(With Ja Rule andBobby BrownAnd, ours was. [Laughs]

 That was their downfall. That was the beginning of it. Cause  50 Cent came in and liked... MURDER INKED 'em! [Laughs]

 How was it like touring with Beenie Man?

 He flew us down first class to Jamaica for his birthday party because our record was real hot down there. He told us, "People are using your track down here and everybody in Jamaica is saying that its their track." 
So, went went and performed the joint. And before we performed it he was like, "Yo, these are the original dudes that made this joint right here. This is their song!" We rocked in Kingston, Jamaica. It was crazy, man.

((( Audio Interview Below ))) NSFW


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