Interview Jasmine Williams 
Story by Matthew Shack

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 The name…Amerie Mi Marie Rogers.


The beauty…without question, almost without peer.

The talent…blatantly obvious, highly underappreciated.

She floated on the scene like butterflies in ‘01 on Nas' StillmaticLP featured on the song "Rule".

But, she really made her mark in 2002 with her hit single, "Why Don't We Fall In Love," from her debut album, All I Have.(Certified Gold with 623,000 units sold.)

Amerie is best known for smash hit single, "1
Thing" from her Gold sophomore LP, Touch  that was also featured in the movie Hitch, starring Will Smith, Kevin James, and Eva Mendes.

At The 2005 VIBE Awards, she also took home "Club Banger of the Year" honors for "1 Thing" that became a remix favorite by MC’s such as Eve, Fabolous, and Jay-Z.

Remember her cameo in LL Cool J's "Paradise" video?

The Georgetown University
 alum has a degree in English and Fine Arts which make total sense, since she is of African-American and Korean ancestry. She also possesses the innate ability to speak “conversational” Korean with her friends and family.

And, looking as well as she does…having a bachelor's degree in a subject with the word ”fine” in its title is more than applicable in her case.

Amerie had her own show, The Center on BET but left for a supporting role on the big screen in the 2004 film First Daughter starring Michael Keaton, and Katie Holmes.

She is currently finishing up her third album with long-time collaborator Grammy Award winning producer, Rich Harrison who crafted her signature sound.

About her musical sound, Amerie tells The Flow,



“Go-Go [music] isn’t something that people really are familiar with unless you are from the [Washington] D.C./Maryland area. We just really wanted [1 Thing] to be the right step.”


Amerie has getting her independent grind on by the release her own mixtape, Because I Love It  Vol. 1, and will be releasing, Vol. 2, as a prequel to her third album at the start of '07.



The street has also been abuzz about the supposed rumor that Amerie dissed Beyoncé on the song, "Because I Love It (Intro)," claiming that R&B girls are "stealing her style."



If she did?  We understand you, boo.

People have been "swagger jacking" The Flow  for many moons, now.

But its all good. 
Always remember... with originality comes GREAT responsibility!

 is a very original woman.


((( Audio Interview Below )))



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