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Jasmine Williams    

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Like Cedric The Entertainer says, "I'm a grown-ass man!" So is Omarion.


21 years of age, he's no longer the babyfaced  lead singer of the boy band, B2K.



But when you have women old enough to have been your babysitter, erotically licking their lips, talking about, "Mmhm, I wouldn't mind having a PIECE of that?"




You ARE a grown-ass man!

The day when 
yours truly  turned, 21?


 I went out on a date with a woman who I am still very close friends with, I was in college, clubbing with my boys... everynight  and getting my "breezy smash on"...hard!



 Pleasant memories...but did ALL of that make me a grown-ass man?



ALL of that just made me, "immature". (No pun intented)


Omarion's  appropriately named Epic/Sony Urban sophomore LP, '21' is all about maturity and putting away childish  things. 



It's NOT about the name of his older brother, Marques Houston's former singing group.

“Everyone can relate [turning 21] because it’s a memorable time. It’s a universal topic. It’s a celebration.” states, Omarion.



The last time a male R&B vocalist turned the maturity corner  this sharpely was by an artist named, Usher Raymond on the multi-platinum LP, "Confessions".

“When any artist tries to make a classic album, they try to make it from their heart and relay it from situations that everybody can relate to, and just make good music. That’s the same thing I tried to do, but I took the elements of old school because I remember how it used to make me feel when I heard a song.”


 is full of hitters..HEAVY HITTERS on production; Pharrell, The Underdogs, Bryan Michael Cox, Eric Hudson and the Timbaland produced megahit, "Icebox".


The key to the universal appeal of "Icebox"  is its emotional and spiritual reality.

It's brutually honest.


At the time of the recording the song, "O" was going through a difficult breakup of a romantic relationship.

“A lot of people are surprised that I say I want to settle down soon. When you’ve been in the industry as long as I have, you’re not looking for the one night fling, at least I’m not. I’m looking for a potential wife to spend time with. Even if it’s just friendship in the beginning, I’m not looking to rush. You travel years and years on the road, and you want to have someone that you can count on and be there for you.”


Are you reading this ladies? Get it right and get it tight and you may have a chance with "The Big O".


As far as the success of, "Icebox"? Like the lyrics say, "This is crazy..."


recently returned home from a tour of the U.K. and Japan, and was pleasantly "flattered" and heard all the unofficial remixes by Busta Rhymes and Jim Jones of the song. But, he had one the chamber...

 He broke his own official remix of the track, featuring Usher...and smashed it!

"I've never done a lot of collaborations. Truthfully, artists most of the time are so busy, they never get a chance to get in the studio and be personal with a record. Myself and [Usher], we very much had a lot of creative control with each other, like, 'What do you think about this?' It wasn't like I sent him the record — he did it, and I put my part on it. This was a real collaboration. When people hear it, I hope they like it.

Also he's forging on with his budding acting career with the Chris Stokes penned film,  "Somebody Help Me" and "Reggaetón" produced by Jennifer Lopez.

Omarion tells The Flow, "Right now I'm kind of focusing on music, but I do plan on doing some movies at the end of this year, type of mix."

The ICEMAN soon cometh again so...dress warm.

((( Audio Interview Below )))

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