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Interview by Roger Hooks 

Story by Matthew Shack 

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DJ Funkmaster Flex is the most popular hip-hop DJ, ever.  Don't believe it?   Let's go down the list:


Grandmaster Flash, Chuck Chillout, Kid Capri, DJ Red Alert, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, Love Bug Starsky
...and the legendary, 
Jam Master Jay.

Take notice, all of you Hip-Hop Purists out there that are ready to fight over that BOLD statement?

This is about the MOST popular...not the best. 
The ONLY member of this Honor Roll of  DJs able to stand next to Flex in popularity on a global scale is Jay.



Funk Flex once said of Jay..."For us who knew Jay and other artists who knew Jay, [he] may be one of the few people who embraced things that are new, from artists to DJs."

Jam Master Jay is the greatest DJ of all time; Funkmaster Flex is the most popular DJ, overall. 

How so??

When you have 55-year-old white men  watching  your new reality television series, Castrol Syntec Car Wars, on Sunday nights onESPN...religiously? 

Sighing and wishing they were driving their own signature line of muscle cars?

But to you, it's just something you do on the having your morning breakfast??

It's damn near official.

You have totally eclipsed the neighborhood of "street credibility"and have entered the world of "secular notoriety".

Funk Flex 2

Without question, Funkmaster Flex is Hip Hop's premiere radio personality on NYC'S Hot 97, where his show has a 10%market share for the past 10 years and over 2 million listeners per week. 
He is also the "Icon of Urban Custom Cars" and the "King of Car-Customizing Television".  

The New York Times dubbed him the "evangelist" of "Hip Hop's Car Culture".

He has his own line of Hot Wheels toy cars, remote control cars with Tyco R/C, endorsement deals with the Ford Motor Company, and Castrol Syntec Motor Oil and The Flow!

"The Flow Online Magazine Celebrity Party Series"
  hosted Funk Flex on April 20, 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Areawas.... CCCCCRRAAACCKKKIINNN'!!!

During the MASSIVE festivities, Funkmaster Flex "chop talks" with our co-founder Roger Hooks on"Flow TV".

TFM: You came into the industry at a young age. How old we're you and how did it all come about?

 It had to be like the first year of college. Hooked up with Chuck Chillout. I use to carry records for him. That's how I got to see radio stations and see radio a little bit.

 Is that a way that you would say for young people to coming up? Try to get into the game at the radio station? Carry some records for somebody?

 If you wanna DJ, then carrying some records or interning at a radio station is a good way to be around the music. Radio is still that force for the music, the lifestyle. So that's a cool little outlet [inside].

 You've been in for a long time and people definitely recognize you in the game. But did you ever think that it would turn out to be all of this? The cars, the TV shows? You seem to do a whole lot of stuff.

  If you're just a rapper? People don't care about you 'cause, you're just a rapper. And I'm a firm believer that if you're doing a lot of other things within your age kind of balances your whole career. You know? Jay-Z's a great rapper. And he kind of stays in-touch and in-tune with things that are going on and that keeps him relevant. So that's kind of my motto. KEEP YOURSELF RELEVANT TO WHAT'S GOING ON.

 Now with the cars..everbody knows that you're like The Urban Icon of Car Accessories. Of all the cars that you've done, that you've looked at or flipped...which one was your favorite?

Funk Flex 3

Funk Flex:  I like driving my old school cars. You know? I've got a couple of Mustangs, a couple of Chevelles, a couple of Impalas. I like to drive a couple toys. Every thing I've got [has]horsepower in it. I like to have fun. If I had to say my favorite personal car to drive? I've got a '70 Chevelle that I drive a lot. Big block, 502 [engine]. Then I've got 2007 Mustang... Supercharger..I like a lot of horsepower.

 I could definitely get into that horsepower thing. I'm more of a 'sleek car'  kind of guy. Of all the cars you've checked out, peeped, there any car out there that you haven't gotten yet that you'd want to get?



Funk Flex:  There's a new [Dodge] Challenger coming out. I'll probably get one of those. That's probably it though. That's something that I don't have that I'll probaby get.




TFM: This seems to be the topic in Hip-Hop right now. I got a call and they we're like, "Make sure you ask Flex this question....Is Hip-Hop dead?"


 Funk Flex:  1982 hip-hop, 1992 hip-hop to 2002 Hip-Hop arethree different things. I think people have a different definition of hip-hop. Beyoncé is hip-hop. The dancing, the style... everything.Mary J. [Blige] is hip-hop, too. As well as a Yung Joc or a[Young] Jeezy. I 'd say that the days of hardcore hip-hop without a focus? Without a strong hook and chorus? Those days are over...yes. [That's] If you wanna make good records.


 TFM: You're gonna hit the stage and start spinnin'...what's your favorite joint to play to get the party jumpin'?

 I like, "Ballin'... Jim Jones.


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