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Schatar "Hottie" Taylor: Straight Drama


Story and interview by Matthew Shack 


After moving 2700 miles across country from sunny FLA to baking hot ass L.A. on June 6, 2007, I never thought in a million years…I’d meet Schatar Sapphira Taylor.

It never crossed my mind…and why the hell would it?


Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba? YEAH! (I seriously went looking for Jessica at the Fantastic Four Movie Premiere Party...but I digress)


“Hottie” from Flavor of Love? Mo'Nique's 'Charm School,' “Hottie”?


I don’t even watch the show regularly and I’m not a fan…not even a little bit, but there she was right standing right next to me.


Busty, blonde and looking like a caramel colored Marilyn Monroe in a white classic 50’s type dress.

She looked like she was going to the damn prom...not to some sididdy-ass industry party.

I was standing with my sister, a business associate AND I was out on a date with a “notch”…but that was of no consequence.


With no shame, she came right up to me and she spoke.


The way she talks? Is a straight trip. If you think that her finishing school mode of speech is fabricated?

Think again.


She speaks EXACTLY the same way in person, as on the TV. She sounds like Queen Elizabeth in a sista's body.


Some say she looks and acts strange...that description isn’t completely accurate. Schatar is dramatic in the true classical sense but that affects her Charm School classmates in the true ghetto sense.

Keeping it real vs. keeping it classy?
 Bad combo!


She graduated from an Ivy League School (University of Pennsylvania) but she’s from Washington it ALL an act? 


When I told her that her show was like watching a train wreck?She laughed and introduced me to her mother.


I wanted to hear was really happened on the show...the REAL truth! So, Schatar, her mother and I hooked up for lunch and she told me, EVERYTHING!


From the infamous “chicken in the microwave” incident…to thestolen picture…to the pinned-up panties.



Who lied and who cheated. Who was foul and who was a cow? You want the ALL the dirt?


Here it is.

Hottie 2 


TFM: What we don’t understand all of the ‘bad blood’ between the contestants on  or Charm School. Wasn’t this about entertainment?


Schatar: Well as an entertainment professional, I understand that the bottom line is winning. If you remember on both Flavor Of Love and Charm School…I bring it every time.


 Why were the other girls always talking about you and your hair like a “dog”?


Schatar: They were just jealous that they did not think of it first, and that they didn’t have the ability to spend thousands of dollars to buy controversial hair.


TFM: The "chicken in the microwave"?? C’mon now Schatar…ARE YOU SERIOUS???


Schatar: Obviously, I know NOT to put a chicken in the microwave for like a few seconds and expect for it to be cooked, but I also knew the audience would get a kick out of it and find it funny. People have told me that they haven’t laughed THAT hard in their lives.


TFM: How do you feel about Saaphyri winning the grand prize? Did she deserve to win?


Schatar: I won't deprive her of the fact that she was proclaimed the “Charm School” winner. But lets be real, it makes you wonder whose hairdresser REALLY she used to be. (Laughing)


TFM: What do you think about Leilene being the runner up?



Schatar: Leilene said it best during one of the challenges…”SEX SELLS”!




TFM: Did you know that you we’re being set up for the 'okie-doke' with that picture?



Schatar: To be honest, I had NO idea what happen to that picture until I watched it on Sunday night with everybody else. I had no idea who set me up.

TFM: How do you feel about how Mo’Nique handled that situation? Did she handle that arbitrarily or did she handle that with a bit of favoritism?


Schatar: Well, most people I’ve encountered say that obviously the should have been reviewed to see the truth. But my mom always told me to “not be a silent victim”. I have the right to stand-up and speak out for myself. So I am NOT a thief. I am NOT a gold digger. I did NOT trade in the name “Hottie” to be called something worse.

 Pumkin did you REAL ‘dirty’ by putting that underwear above your bed! (Laughing)

Hottie 3 


Schatar: Those were not my panties! They were way TOO big. Maybe, they were a CLOSE friend of her’s…underwear…Hmmmm?



TFM: What do you think the Charm School Girls will say when they hear you got a record deal out of the show?



Schatar: What CAN they say? I am a star!!


 They all say that “Hottie” is a gold-digger...and she ain’t messin’ with no broke-broke…


 Saaphyri herself said, she “would say ANYTHING to get the money.” People think that she was homeless, but in the clip on the show, she said that she just spent her rent money on a pair of boots. If she really needed the money, would she have spent hundreds of dollars on boots? People should go figure. 

TFM: So, do they think you're jealous of you or are you imagining these things?


 I'm certainly not jealous of Saaphyri, but I was NOT willing to say ANYTHING just to win.


 What are you currently up to outside of the show?


 Look for the release of my music. I sing under the name,"Money Banks".


TFM: You can ACTUALLY sing too, girl!


 And you had the nerve to doubt me? (Laughs)


 We hear THAT you’re pitching the networks for to do your own shopping show...why?


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Schatar: Because, I am at the top of my game when it comes to fashion.


 Men are SO fascinated and mesmerized by you, at the party they were all in your mouth, ‘counting your teeth’. (Laughs)


 A woman is not defined by her ability to cook or how she dresses. A lady starts out as a natural beauty. Clothes, jewelry, a crowning hairstyle just enhance this natural beauty. Besides, when a man falls in love with a woman, he does not fall in love with the hair on her head.


 So, who are your closest friends on the show after ALL that drama?


 When I went to do both Flavor Of Love Season 1 andCharm School…I wasn’t there to make friends. If I want to make friends, I will go to the Girl Scouts, Ok? With Flavor Of Love Season 1, I said that was "MY MAN, MY MANSION & MY MONEY"…and I was there to win!


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