Marques Houston & Omarion

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 Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack

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There comes a time in everyone's life when it's time to turn things up a notch. When your best is no longer good enough.


This is one of those times for Marques Houston, Omarion  and The FLOW.

Getting us out of the way, firstly...we needed a no-holds barred, without question, kick YOU in the-ass interview.   The type of interview that "FLOW HATERS" can use to truly do their job, effectively.

This is one of those times.


Marques Houston, former frontman for the trio Immature/ IMx, and his brother, Omari "Omarion" Grandberry, former frontman for the boy band, B2K are officially putting themselves in the Actor's Studio on a consistent basis. You already know them both as successful R&B solo artists. But seriously pursuing their perspective film careers, they've permanently altered the landscape of their notoriety.    "O" and "MH" star in the BET horror/thriller Somebody Help Me, directed by manager, Chris Stokes.  The film airs on Halloween, October 31, 2007.   

Omarion furthers his cause in the J.Lo produced, Feel the Noise  as a rapper turned Reggaeton artist which debuted in theatres, October 5th

Also, get your dancing shoes  ready for them both in, You Got Served 2.

The FLOW's Matthew Shack rolls the dice with "O" and "MH"...TOGETHER!  Side by side.


  This is one of those times.

   MH Omari 2




TFM: We know that you're about to drop Somebody Help Me, what's the difference between this film and the others that you've done with Chris [Stokes] in the past?  

MH: The major difference, I would say that it's a horror movie. You got Served was obviously a dance movie and it was real high and energetic. It was more targeted to that dance world. It was opening the world up to something that they had never seen before, as far as dancing and choreography. [Somebody] is more like a genre movie. It's your classic horror film, kind of Like Saw or Hostel. You can't sleep at night.[Laughs]

TFM: Well as you know in most horror films, the brotha ALWAYS dies, first...

MH:  [Laughing] You gotta watch it for that...but I don't wanna give up TOO much detail. The black people don't die first in this one.

TFM: O, how did it feel to work with J.Lo on Feel the Noise,and what challenges did you have to go through to get yourself prepared?



O:  Really, it was exciting with me actually having to go outside of my element, so to speak. With having to go to Puerto Rico and do a lot of research on the character, "Rob". I just got emersed in the Latin Culture. Having to work with J. Lo was really cool. She came up to the set. But Omari wasn't familiar with Puerto Rico in the same way that "Rob" wasn't. So I just went with my natural instincts.I took a little bit from here and there and came up with this character, "Rob".


TFM: On the set of Somebody Help Me,  what was one of the most interesting things that happened during the filming?  

  I know for me, there was one of those grueling scenes that one of the castmembers is getting his scalp...kinda..cut into..  

That was a DOPE  one!  

MH Omari 3

  [Laughing] It was really real..even though I knew it was a movie? It was still kinda freaky.  

  I'm on the opposite of that. I 'd have to say, it was the opening scene of the film...through out the whole period of the film, I did a lot of kissing...and I thought that was like pretty exciting.  

Yeah, I can imagine! [Laughs]  

MH & O: [Laughing]


TFM: Marques, what's your favorite Omarion song?




MH: My all-time favorite Omarion song would have to be "O".



TFM: Why?


MH:  I think that was a signature record for "O', and I think that it really showcased his talent as far as a vocalist. It separated him from [B2K] really well. And it showed people that he was an artist that was here to stay in this industry.


TFM: "O"?.


O: It's real hard to say, because [his] last album Veteran was just crazy. I would definitely say that Naked is one of my all-time favorites. It's not just a sexy song, it was something that..[Laughing]..I'm not gonna EVEN say what I was gonna say. It's good song and I love it. [Laughs]


MH Omari 1


TFM: If I don't ask this question? My fans and our audience are gonna kill me. I have to get the final and serious answer about your sibling status. What are you for real? Brothers? Step-brothers? Play-brothers? God-brothers? What is it??


O: [Laughs] God-brothers.


MH: We brothers. It's not blood or anything like that, but I don't think that blood could make us any tighter than we are. We were raised together. I mean I've known Omari since he was four-years-old. So we grew up together. It's that "brother from another mother".


O: There it is!

 ((( Audio Interview Below )))



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