Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel:  Problem Solver

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

"The Broad Street Bully" is "B. Coming".... "The Solution"

Is this just a clever play on words?  Of Course, it is.  But that's besides the point.

The fact remains that Beans is back!

Beanie Sigel is without question a "hood credible MC" with well-documented "work" both on the street and in the studio.

"The Solution" is Beans' first album after re-signing with The Roc (released 12/11/07) . And with the likes of Raheem DeVaughn, Styles P, R. Kelly, Diddy, Ghostface Killah, Peedi Peedi, Scarface, legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and James Blunt... not to mention the most powerful man in the game (Jay-Z) tossing him the keys to the empire?


"The Solution"  may be the best-built album of '07 and a perfect stocking stuffer just in time for Christmas.


Most importantly, the fact STILLremains that Beans... is back!


TFM: You're one of the most respected rappers as far as "street credibility". We ALL know that you're not just're REALLY doing it. How important is your "street cred" regarding your music?


Beans: That's kind of a tricky question because, I don't really like to move off of that with my music. I think that the music that I make, it comes from the heart, man...the soul. And I put that conviction it it, and the music I make is relevant music that people can relate to. [It's] not necessarily because I'm a "real" street nigga, I think I just make that "real" music. That music that people survive off of.  I think that being just who I am, and[fans] know that I'm gonna give them both sides of it. I know the outcome of a lot of shit.



TFM: Just looking at the title of your new album, "The Solution", all the titles of your previous LP's have a certain finality to them.


Beans: I mean, "The Solution" is I just always want to be simple and to the point. I was taught that "less is more". Instead of all these intricate titles, [The Solution] just sums it up.  Like with "The Truth"...there's always a reason behind the truth, so the [next] album was "The Reason". Because that came behind "The Truth". The third album, "The B. Coming" is just me coming into a different light as far as my music and me growing up a  little bit.  So "The B. Coming" of what? We shall see. "The Solution" is just with the [problems] state of hip-hop, with the problems that are going on in my community. With Philly being the murder capital, this album I named it ,"The Solution" because it's the solution for a lot of things.


TFM: The first single, "All Of The Above" [feat. R.Kelly] really caught a lot of us off guard as Beans fans.The song is a monster!



Beans: I was in Miami and I had did a couple favors for DJ Khaled, and he was like "Yo, I'mma get you a monster...I'mma send it to you." For his album, I did a couple of joints and then he let me hear some songs. I was like "Yo, why didn't you put me on THIS record? Why didn't you put me on that record? Yo, you trippin." The album was already getting turned in but he was like ,"Listen, I got a monster for you. If I don't got it, I'mma get it. Gimme a couple days." I came back to Philly and he sent me the record. He had somebody on there already that referenced the "hook" [of the song] the record was a smash! So I just wanted it to be  bigger than it was. I searched out Akon or T-Pain but both of them we're unavailable.The next person, I thought could pull it off was "R". So I ran it across Jay's (Z) desk, and he was like, "Go for it." And the rest is history.


TFM: Is State Property still disbanded?


Beans: Everyone is just doing their inpidual [things].Freeway just dropped it album, we'll follow up with Young Chris hopefully by the end of the year. I'd love to go into the studio and do another State Property album.


TFM: How was it touring with Jay-Z on the promotion of "American Gangster" and "The Soultion"?


Beans: It's was good to be back on the road. It felt real good.


TFM: How instrumental was Jay's input on "The Solution"?


Beans: I really just did my own thing . I've been in the game for a while so Jay pretty much knows that I'm gonna deliver..every time so it was just me recording the records and turning them in.



TFM: Is there any misconceptions that you like to clear up about Beanie Sigel?



Beans: The biggest misconception is that people branded that State Property cat to be me 24-7. They think that I'm this crazy dude that unapproachable and that's wild that will just do any reckless thing. That ain't who I am.

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