Tweet: The Southern Hummingbird Returns

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack 



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OK, I have an confession to make… Tweet is MY cousin!!  And not a “play cousin” either…she's my BIOLOGICAL!

I’ve known that fact for over two years but I told myself, that I wouldn’t tell anyone that we were related until I spoke to her directly.

Now is the time.

Tweet officially came into the game in 2002 under the guidance of multi-platinum artist Missy Elliott.

Her debut LP the top #5 charting,"Southern Hummingbird" went gold. The highlight of the album was her #1 hit single "Oops (Oh My)" which is a risqué song about self-stimulation.

In ‘05, Tweet released her second album; "It’s Me Again", with Missy. It went Top 20.

Her third LP, "Love, Tweet" will be released on music industry veteran Jheryl Busby’s Umbrella Recordings, features the “King of the South,” T.I., , on the heated single “Good Bye My Dear” which T.I. himself produced.

"Love, Tweet" also features production by producers such as Nisan Stewart,Warren Campbell, and Novel who has produced the official first single “Anymore".

She also recently performed in honor of Missy Elliott on this year’s VH1 “Hip Hop Honors.” 

The Hummingbird talks to "her fam" Matthew Shack about all things...TWEET!


How does it feel to be on Umbrella Records under a musical legend such as Jheryl Busby?

Tweet: I feel honored to be around so much wisdom from a person of that caliber. I'm definitely blessed to have this opportunity. His track record speaks for itself.

TFM: Give us an idea of what your trying to accomplish with Love, Tweet in comparison of your last two albums.

Tweet: Musically, I'm talking about different things. This album is not SO dark. I'm in a different place in my life, so I'm writing about happier times. Other than that, it's the same 'in-your-face' Tweet lyrics.

TFM: Did you reach out to Timbaland and Missy regarding producing the album or did you want to do this on your own?

Tweet: A little bit of both. I definitely wanted to do this on my own just to show myself that I could be the successful business woman that I know I can be. And with all the different scheduling involved, their schedule are quite busier than mine. So we just didn't get around to it, but it's never too late.

TFM: Who are some of your musical influences?

Tweet: First, I would have to begin with  the Gospel. I grew up in the church so it would be quartet groups like, The Gospel Keynotes, The Williams Brothers and all those great folks and my mom and dad. Then it went to the choirs and  The Clark Sisters, then it went to  Whitney Houston and Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye, Motown and all of that. So that's where my foundation comes from.

TFM:  Do you see yourself doing a gospel album in the future?

Tweet:  Definitely! I started on one before I even signed with  Jheryl, so it's in the making. I just haven't finished it yet.

TFM: You showcased your daughter, Tashawna on the last record. Do you plan on doing the same on this one?

Tweet:  Yes. She's going to be on this record, again. As well as, when I get my own label, she'll be the first artist on my label.



TFM: Give us a little bit of your experience at the “Hip Hop Honors”  and your performance onstage with that many legends.

Tweet:  It was great!  I never would have known that I would be on the stage but, Missy deserved the honor. It was wonderful...I was excited for A Tribe Called Quest! Those we're like definitely ones that I grew up listening to. Knowing everybody else like Whoodini?? Oh my God! It was amazing just to be around folks I grew up listening to.

TFM: When is the album's release date and are there any words to your adoring fans?

Tweet: The release date is June 10th and the album is "Love, Tweet."  I just want to say thank you, again to the people that have continued to support me. They inspire me. Thanks.

((( Audio Interview Below )))

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