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 DJ Greg Street

Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack


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“Its 6 o’clock, its 6 o’clock, time for Greg Street to Rock,”  is one of the recognizable expressions in radio.

DJ Greg Streetis a not only one of the most not only one of the most influential men in hip-hop, he is also one of it’s most vigorous defenders  Ask Jermaine Dupri.


As ATL’s top radio personality with the coveted #1 Arbitron rating, Greg Street is an essential force in breaking hit records in one of Hip- Hop's most crucial markets.


In other words, if you cross him?People will DEFINITELY listen.

Ask Jermaine Dupri.

When JD spoke on his view that the modern DJ is essentially worthless in today’s Hip-Hop, he did more than ruffle a few feathers.



“The DJ is dead at this point and time now. Because the DJ used to be like the person when you’re running track, and you pass the baton, and the person that grab it, they keep running. Now when you running and put the baton out there, the nigga that’s a DJ, he grab the baton and he bump into you, cause he’s trying to run the other direction… When you pass them a CD, they handing you a CD. The attention level ain’t even the same…. the DJs are no longer focused on helping the way that they used to help, so that means the DJ’s dead.”


Greg Street fires back but eventually settles the beef!



"The DJ is not dead. You gotta stop making all this wack music. You gotta stop putting your name on all these wack records."


Greg Street even goes so far as to call Dupri a "BDS A&R" who’s "looking real crazy" and needs to stop making statements like calling himself "the biggest thing in Atlanta since Martin Luther King!"

When asked if the “JD Feud” has been officially squashed,Greg Street tells The Flow,



“ I really just exposed the truth on what people have been wanting to say for years…so I just put it out there.”


Street follows up by saying, “A lot of people give him a pass ‘cause he’s that little dude so..a lot of people just give him a pass.”


 ((( Audio Interview Below )))

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