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 Warren G. "The G files"

Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack


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The G-funk Era is back!



Warren G. the Long Beach Lyricist, returns with his West Coast-branded LP,"The G-Files".


You remember "Regulate" with Nate Dogg, "I Shot the Sheriff"? I Want It All?

Get ready for some more of that good G-Funk music with featured guest including Snoop Dogg,  Ray J., Paul Wall, Lil' Keke, and former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Warren G's
it UP...with The Flow's own Matthew Shack.


TFM: What this that we’ve been hearing about this new album, “The G-Files?” What’s going on with that?

Warren G:
  It’s my sixth album and it’s incredible, man. I’ve got a lot of great people on there. I’ve got a lot of young artists coming. Me and Cee-Lo got some things going. Me and Snoop. Ice Cube just confirmed to get down so there’s a lot going on with G-Funk and “G-Files” period. It’s music you can dance to, music you can smoke to, music you can just chill to or just ride too. It’s all of the above man, and that’s what the record is about. The reason why I call it, “The G-Files” is because I’m breaking into my own little thing and the company has got me on lock. So, I’m breaking in and going through my files and the file that I pull out is CRUSH [feat. Ray J.]! It’s a great record and hopefully everyone will check it out and see what Warren G’s been up to.

That leads into my next question. You’ve been kind of keeping a low profile. Was that because you we’re waiting to put together the right material?



Warren G:  You don’t wanna burn yourself out and I ain’t no old man, yet. But, I just don‘t wanna burn myself out with the fans and come out with a record like every few months like a lot artists are doing. I just wanna do my record and stay behind the scenes and do my production, which is what I do. And just make the fans, miss you a little bit. I’m still here, I ain't went no where.


TFM: A lot of artists go out of their way to be featured on everybody’s records, to death. But it would be good to see you on a few features every once in awhile, right?



Warren G: That’s DEFINITELYgonna be the jump-off! That’s what it’s about, man. And you’re ready gonna start seeing a lot of me as far as my production and me doing beats for other artists. Like today, I just shot Young Jeezy and track and Jay-Z a track, today. So, I’m waiting to hear back to see what they wanna do. If they wanna use them…cool! I’d to be a part of both projects.

TFM: As far as the production side, you’re one on the most underrated producers in the game. What do you think needs to happen to get the kind of respect that you deserve? You already have it as a MC.



Warren G: To start involving myself in projects like the Jay-Z project. [Dr.] Dre heard some ideas for “Detox”. You know, just getting more involved in having representation that’s known throughout the industry to walk in the music. It’s not that I’m underrated; I just never had somebody who could really move those tracks for me. And now, I’ve got a lot of people who are working with me who know how to do that.


TFM: What’s your favorite record on “The G-Files” LP?

Warren G: My favorite track to me is a song I did called, “Mr. DJ”. Which is a record that’s giving back to the DJ’s that helped me get to where I am. Plus, I’m a DJ so I had to do a song for us. It’s a great record.

TFM: The homie, Nate Dogg is a good friend of ours. How is he doing and how is he coming along?

Warren G: We’re just taking it day by day by just praying and hoping that he comes up out of this. Everybody knows that he had another stroke but he’s slowly recovering. With therapy and good doctors, he’ll be fine. And, we’re just praying for him to recover.


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