Steph Jones

 Steph Jones: Mr. Ordinary

Story andInterview by  Matthew Shack


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Who is Steph Jones?

I didn’t know myself until my younger brother told me, “You NEED to interview that Steph Jones cat, I just saw on TV!”

I replied, “What’s f*** is a STEPH JONES??

Wrong answer!

See, these are the times that my brother relishes…when he knows something that I do not.

After being lectured on “how can I be a hip-hop writer and not know these things…” I thought nothing more about it, because I had a Grammy party to attend for R&B singer, Tank, that same evening.

On the party’s red carpet, whom do I end up standing next to?

Steph Jones.

He had a quirky-style of dress but he was pulling it off…WELL! He had the ladies giggling and pointing like teen-aged girls and the paparazzi were snapping away. Steph Jones definitely had that “IT” factor.

I told him about my conversation with my brother earlier in the day and he thought that it was hilarious. He took my card and said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”


But, this is Hollywood. In this town, people say, “I’ll call you tomorrow,” like normal people say, “Good morning.” On the daily.

The next day, I get a call from a weird-ass area code that I’ve never seen before. “Who the hell could this be? All the numbers I’ve gotten last night are all L.A. numbers,” So I thought.

It was Steph Jones. “Wassup, maaaannnn??”, he says. And, we’ve been cool peoples, ever since.



Once again, “Who is Steph Jones?

The Houston-born and Missouri City-bred, Jones, 24, is a former Ford Model turned singer created enough of a buzz via MySpace to sign to Def Jam, through Ludacris' Disturbing tha Peace Records.


Along the way he was featured on the songs “La La Means I Love You” and “Mr. Ordinary”,“Celebrity Chick” with fellow DTP’ers Chingy, Small World and his signer, Ludacris.

Steph left DTP due to creative differences but is still very close the camp.

Known to his legion of fans as the ‘Mo City Alien’ and ‘Mr. Ordinary’, Jones’ fan-base is staggeringly loyal.



A young woman sent him a letter telling him that her little brother sang, “Mr. Ordinary” while on his death bed. Steph was so affected emotionally, that he wrote her back and honored to the youth via YouTube.


Jones is also the younger brother of comedian DeRay Davis so talent DEFINITELY runs in the family.


TFM: You’re the kind of guy that seems to be multi-talented how did this all start?

Steph Jones:
The Steph Jones Movement started with a very deep and very loyal fan-base from a video of a half a song with a white background on MySpace, two and a half years ago. The Internet and the Steph Jones Movement run from the blog sites to independent media. Even when I had a major deal, I moved around like I didn’t have a deal. So I will always move around like that and stay hungry and not get comfortable.

What’s your relationship with Luda like now? When Chingy left there was beef and then he went back. What are the chances of you returning to DTP?



Steph Jones: The reason I left was creative conflict. I’m like a mixture of The Beatles and Musiq Soulchild put together. Put it in a baggie and shake it. What’s going over at DTP is straight hip-hop and R&B. I needed to be with someone that knew exactly what to do with my music, so I requested a release. But there’s no love lost. Like for my birthday, everybody from DTP called me and wished me a “Happy Birthday.” Chaka (Zulu) came out here like two weeks ago and we hung out and it was like old times. Overall, it was just a business decision. I’ve got love for all of them over there.


TFM: Comedian DeRay Davis is your brother. What do you two guys have going on? Your brother is one hell of a funny dude!

Steph Jones:
Yeah, that’s my brother. People say that we don’t look alike but he’s my half brother but we don’t say half. There’s so much love there so, that’s my brother! DeRay is like an emcee/actor/comedian. I’m on the modeling tip/acting/writer/producer/whatever. You might as well call us “The Slash Brothers.”

TFM: How are you going to say it? Regarding all this hoopla about who you're dating?

Steph Jones:
You know, I've been linked to SO many people. I've been linked to Alicia Keys, Jordin Sparks, Britney Spears...I've never even met Alicia Keys. So people are going to ALWAYS have something to say. You take one picture, the next thing you know you're married to somebody. I don't put anything past someone who sit behind a computer all day long. If that's their grind then that's their grind. I'm not trying to steal their shine.If they want to say that, I'll turn any situation into a positive for me.

 ((( Audio Interview Below ))) 

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