Mistah F.A.B.

 Mistah F.A.B.

Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack


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Mistah F.A.B. . is an acronym for "Money Is Something to Always Have - FaEva Afta Bread."


"Fabby Davis Jr." is also signed to Bay Area rap legend Mac Dre's label, Thizz Entertainment /Atlantic Records.

F.A.B. just partnered up with Bay Area talent manager turned TV personality Dame Fame, to create a unique Soul Train-styled show. for high school students called "Live!", in and around the San Francisco/Oakland area.

He also recently caused an internet frenzy with a series of videos regarding his chain being snatched.

Luckily, this was nothing more than a hoax and a very funny prank amongst friends.

The South Dakota Crips
(aka Glasses Malone), who snatched Mistah F.A.B.'s chain, get jacked back by some jackers in Melbourne, Australia...HILARIOUS!!


Fabby Davis "thizzes it up" with The Flow's own Matthew Shack.

The Flow just did the promo for Snoop Dogg's “Tha Blue Carpet Treatment DVD” so tell how you got hooked up with him a Too $hort for "Life Of The Party" style.

F.A.B.: It’s a beautiful thing. Snoop Dogg as you know is a big brother of mine and he reached out to me. He actually reached out to Too $hort, my godfather. And $hort was likeF.A.B. come get on this joint,” and we rocked that. “Tha Blue Carpet Treatment” like you said, that cartoon DVD is actually a beautiful thing. My in-house producer right here actually did the lead single.



TFM: It was hot! Shouts out to Codeblack Entertainment!

F.A.B: We’re chillin’. We’re just having a goodtime and I’m just enjoying it having a chance to unite California, together; one west coast. It’s not just like “I’m from the Bay or I’m from L.A.” it’s like…”I’m from Cali, man!” I’m representing this Cali Movement. That’s what we’re showing.


TFM: We’re also friends with Da Scrayper Boyz and Czar. Give a shout to them cats.




F.A.B.: Shouts out to my people out there, you know? Little Clint, Czar, the homegirl, Shannon and everybody else that has something to do with The Scrayper Boyz Movement. And Czar, big bro be really doing what he do, holding it down. He took something and took a concept and turned it into his own movement. So you’ve got to take your hat off to someone that’s doing something like that. And he’s a really good dude, outside of the music. A real good dude. You don’t find too many dudes like that anymore, man.


TFM: Tell us about your next album and when it’s coming out.

F.A.B.: It’s called “The Bus Ride” and it will probably be out in January, to be truthful. I’ve got everybody on that joint.G-Malone, Rick Ross, T-Pain, we’ve got a crazy joint. I’ve got a tribute song for Pimp-C called “2 Miles Per Hour”, with every rapper from Houston on there. Bun-B, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Mike Jones it's just a tribute, man. I really thought outside the box because everybody down there is doing tributes. But he contributed to the game more than just the south. Bay Area cats was raised on that dude too. The album is called “The Bus Ride” and I’m gonna keep doing what I do. ‘Show up or blow up’…that’s my motto.


 ((( Audio Interview Below ))) 

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