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COMMON:The Sum Of All Things Hip-Hop

Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack


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The meaning of the word, “common” is: of frequent occurrence; usual; familiar: ie, a common event; a common mistake.


But there is NOTHING “common”, about Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.


In fact, he is one of the few living MC’s that truly embody the overused hip-hop generic term…“lyricist”.

Ironically, Common is NOW a crossover success...AND he didn’t have to “sell out” the girl he loves (hip-hop) to do so.

He did it by sticking by his girl and being faithful to her.

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The classic love song, "I Used to Love H.E.R." from his 2nd album, Resurrection enters his speech subliminally as Common tells The Flow,



“The beginning of Hip-Hop is the five elements. And to know that we still keep the culture alive, people still doing graffiti art, break dancing, dj-ing, hip-hop rapping as far as MC-ing and even the way we dress. Seeing it expanding beyond the five elements is incredible. It’s such a powerful force in this world, Hip-Hop is."



So where did he crossover to if he didn’t “sell out”? Did he do it musically? No. He’s still TRUE South Side Chicago Hip-Hop.

has now  legitimately crossed over to the land ruled by Will Smith.

That’s right…HOLLYWOOD!
By starring in significant roles in Smokin' Aces, Street Kings, American Gangster, Wanted, and the forthcoming Terminator Salvation, the 2-time Grammy Award winner is now a bonifide actor. But it isn’t THAT easy for him, as of yet.

Common 3

 "I used to be more nervous doing films but now I’m starting to feel much more confident," says, Com.



 "I’ve been doing hip-hop music and performing for so long, I don’t get as nervous. I still get nervous because I’m passionate about it but, with films it’s like I’m new and I’m in there with like Morgan Freeman, or Leonardo DiCaprio, or I’m working with Matt Damon. So it gets you a little nervous but then you get over it. You got to get in there and go for it."


Along with his movie and commercial endorsements with The Gap, Lincoln Navigator, MicroSoft's Zune, and his 8th studio LP, "Universal Mind Control", Common  QUIETLY made made an estimated 12 million dollars in 2008.


That tied him for 13th place on the highest grossing Hip-Hop Artists List along with Akon and Eminem.

But when it comes to his girl, Com is STILL in love with "H.E.R".

"I think that it’s a great thing to be a part of something like this."

((( COMMON MP3 Audio Interview Below ))) 



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