Jadakiss: The Grind NEVER stops!

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Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack

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Jason “Jadakiss” Phillips is PISSED!

The Yonkers, New York Wordsmith is definitely here to let them know that…REAL LYRICS ARE BACK!

“The Last Kiss” (2009) is the final solo LP in the rap trilogy of “Kiss-titled” albums along with “Kiss tha Game Goodbye” (2001) and, “The Kiss of Death” (2004) following suit.

As member of the group D-Block formerly known as The LOX, (with Sheek Louch, Styles P) Jadakiss firmly established himself as a voice of a generation with his verse on "Money, Power & Respect" feat. DMX & Lil' Kim.

His song "Why?" (feat. Anthony Hamilton) was one of the biggest hits of 2004. Jadakiss also caught the ire of right-wing commentator Bill O'Reilly, who branded him as a "smear merchant" due to unfavorable lyrics about then president, George W. Bush.

By age 17, Jada developed a close bond with The Notorious B.I.G., during which time he was taken under Biggie's wing and was groomed into a fierce MC.

Fresh from lyrical warfare from the likes of Beanie Sigel, State Property, Diddy and 50 Cent, Jadakiss has finally returned to his battle rapper alter-ego.



Jadakiss RIPS the mic with The Flow's own, Matthew Shack.


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TFM: You’re one of the few artists that not only are you are two different major labels; you also have your own label. How do you find time to spread yourself out?



Jadakiss: You start by “keeping your ear to the streets.” You have to move yourself around and spread yourself out to stay hot. You know what I mean? You’ve got to be on as much as you can be on. You’ve got to be in as many spots in the world that you can touch…and that’s it. Regardless if you’ve got an album out or not, you’ve got to try to move around. Stay in people’s faces as well as stay in people’s ears. That will keep that heat on you.


TFM: The streets are very happy that you finally came out with another album. It’s been a long time coming. How has that road been in getting yourself back in the marketplace?

Jadakiss: I mean [it’s] not so hard. You’ve got to stay on some important songs, good R&B joints, always some mixtape joints…and if you “keep your ear to the streets”, you’ll be all right.

TFM: In regard to this album “The Last Kiss”, you’ve already spoken on the fact that this is NOT your last album. It doesn’t hurt for people to think that Jadakiss is putting out his last record, right?

Jadakiss: Yeah, it’s always good for them to think that this is your last album [so] they’ll go pick it up but, I’m definitely gonna be putting out more albums. I’m [only] gonna to stop when they don’t want me no more.

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TFM: Let’s talk about this record. You’ve made sure that you had the hottest producers and hottest artists aboard. Tell us which records did you enjoy recording the most?



Jadakiss: "Smoking Gun" with Jasmine Sullivan, that was beautiful songmaking. The song (Who's Real) with Swizz Beats and OJ Da Juiceman was fun. "What If" was interesting with Nas. Pretty much all of them were interesting while making them. Just to see people’s reactions and getting good responses and positive feedback is a beautiful thing.


TFM: You came off your album release fresh off of the “Notorious” Soundtrack. That song you did with Faith (Evans) was real hot. Give us an idea of what “The Last Kiss” is representing.

Jadakiss: Well  “The Last Kiss” just represents ‘90’s music. You know what I mean? No gimmicks, no ringtones, no autotunes... just good lyrics, good beats, good content, good topics that people can relate to. [The] Fellas, ladies…youngsters, you know what I mean? [The] older crowd…just everybody. [It’s] just a good CD that you’re getting your money’s worth, [with] instead of just paying for a single.

TFM: You come from that strong background of being B.I.G’s protégé. How do you feel about the lack of lyricists in the game now? Do you think that you’re going to be able to bring the craft back to the metaphors?

Jadakiss: Definitely! This is gonna be a cause and effect thing that happens with the artists, now. They’re gonna feel good about putting out some good music. I’mma take RESPONSIBILITY for that! See, it’s wide open now. When I first came in you had to be lyrical to get involved in the game. You had B.I.G…you had Pac…Nas, Jay-Z, The Wu, Snoop, Dre, Red and Meth, (Big) Pun and artists like that…it was hard to get in. Now, you don’t have to be too lyrical to have success, so some artists might take it for granted. I’m definitely here to let ‘em know…REAL LYRICS IS BACK!  

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