Khia:  Motor Mouf A.K.A. Khia Shamone

Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack

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Khia Chambers is best known for three prominent reasons... Firstly, for her USA Billboard charting single "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)," (2002) which was a top five hit in the UK.

Secondly, for being a former-contestant on VH1 Reality Series,Miss Rap Supreme along with her infamous run-in with MC Serch after her controversial elimination from the show.

And lastly, for her tendency to tell you about yourself in the most straightforward way possible when pushed TOO far.

Don't believe the last one?
 Ok, try her and find out the hard way!

The self-proclaimed Queen of the South has "chewed beef" with the best of them (from  Jacki-O  to Trina to Janet Jackson to Nikki Minaj).

fourth studio album, Motor Mouf A.K.A. Khia Shamone, is a double disc set which features her newest single,  "Been A Bad Girl". 

So, which Khia are you really going to get? Well, that ALL depends on you, my friend.



Khia talks to The Flow's own, Matthew Shack about everything...Khia.


TFM: You’ve got this new album that’s out right now. Give us an idea of what you had in your mind this time, when you were putting it together.



Khia: The new album consists of two CDs. Its half hip-hop and half R&B with live instrumentation. I’m trying to introduce my fans to the songstress side of me. I’m a lover of music first,and I want to be more respected as an artist as a whole and not just be put in a box as a rapper. So the double disc is going to showcase me being multi-talented as a songwriter, music composer and music producer.




TFM: The title, "Motor Mouf AKA Khia Shamone", what exactly does that entail? It sounds like it’s a dual-personality.

Khia: Of course, I’m 'Motor Mouf', 'Mouth of the South', 'Mouth Almighty', 'Gangstress', 'Boss Lady', 'Married to the Streets','Thug Misses'…it’s just a follow up to my persona of being a female MC. So it’s a follow up to "All Hail the Queen"or "Nasti Muzik". This is my sixth album so 'Motor Mouf' is really what the fans are used to and what they know as me being, 'Motor Mouf' and not biting my tongue. 'Khia Shamone'is me. It’s who I am as a person and being a lover of music as an art form.


TFM: You have really made a name for yourself as not only an artist but as a person who is extremely to the point and straight forward. Have you’ve always been that way?



Khia: I’ve always been that way. That’s basically me and who I am.


TFM: I saw your interview with ABC News and one thing that was very surprising to a lot of people is that you’re know for having this hard persona. But by watching the video, you were extremely engaging, personable and charming. Can you turn it on and off when you want to?



Khia: I’m always charming and sweet. It’s just when you’re dealing with industry people, it [solely] depends on who [you are] dealing with, what kind of questions that they’re asking, and the type of people that they are. The lady on the show was personable, her questions were great and she wasn’t out for blood. And I think that a lot of the other people that I kind of take their heads off,is that [all] the negativity starts on their end. All reporters aren’t like that. All interviews are not like that. So it all depends on who’s doing the interviews, what are the questions that they’re asking and how the interview goes and flows. I hate to say it but most of the time; the A-list interviews are good. The bottom of the barrel interviews, which hip-hop has kind of become are trash. And I guess that’s why I get into it with them most of the time.


TFM: You have worked with one of the most street credible artists out there, Gucci Mane in the past. How does street credibility affect you as a female artist?



Khia: I think I have more street cred than a lot of[these]wanna-be gangster rappers. I’ve known Gucci [since] before he was Gucci. I know the real Gucci and I have love and respect for who he is as a person. I think a lot of these guys get caught up in images [while] trying to be a certain way because they think that’s the only way they’re going to be received in hip-hop. I only work with people that I respect, and I guess that’s why I don’t do a lot of features or collaborations. Like I said, I’ve known Gucci and his family before he became the Gucci Mane that I guess, the world knows. He’s a wonderful person and I respect him.


TFM: Where do you think the state the art of female MC'ing is headed in 2010 and who are you digging lyrically?



Khia: Hmmm…Everybody always asks me that question and I always get into trouble. So I’m trying to learn that if I don’t have [anything] nice to say, don’t say anything at all and keep my opinions to myself. I guess I would just say, I’m bored with it. There’s no MC Lytes or Queen Latifahs or Lauren Hills. There’s none of them. I’m reaching for higher things. Not just getting up there, butt-naked and everybody up there looking at your behind because it’s BIG…and it’s not a show.‘Lil Wayne is the only person I feel that’s holding down for hip-hop.


TFM: Since you’ve brought up big booties and whatnot, what’s your opinion of the ‘Lil Kim and Nikki Minaj situation?

 I think that it’s funny. I think that is the only thing that is selling is a good story…a good drama-gossip filled story. The cat-fights are selling more than records. I think that the only way these writers can write a story and sell a paper or a magazine is by putting the drama and all of the disrespect in there. They’re happy to see those two or to make it seem like those two are at each others throats but I’m sure [that] neither one of them are really interested in the other and everybody needs to be concerned with making the money. [Laughs]


 ((( Audio Interview Below ))) 


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