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Naughty By Nature: Anthem Kings!
Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

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Naughty By Nature
is bacckkkkkk!

The Grammy Award winning Immortals from East Orange, New Jersey and one of the greatest Hip-Hop Groups of All-time have been grinding out MAJOR hits for over 20 years.


You know the songs, by heart...“O.P.P.”, "Uptown Anthem", "Everything's Gonna Be Alright", "Hip Hop Hooray", "Feel Me Flow", "Jamboree ( feat. Zhané) ", "Guard Your Grill", "Written on Ya Kitten" and "Craziest". In their prime, no other group had MORE grimy/crossover appeal than Vin Rock, Treach and KayGee.

Fans worldwide knew that each and every summer of the early 1990's would be christened with an official anthem by Naughty.

In 1996, they won the first ever Best Rap Album Grammy for Poverty's Paradise but in late 2000, producer KayGee decided to leave the group over financial disputes.

VH1 awarded the group their “HipHop Honors” in October of 2008 joining the ranks of Big Daddy Kane, Rakim and Eazy E., as its only recipients.

Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury was the last NBN/Kay Gee produced LP...until now! Naughty By Nature is back to formally reclaim their belts as "Hip-Hop Anthem Royalty" with their forthcoming reunion album aptly named , “Anthem Inc.”

Naughty By Nature talks to The Flow's own, Matthew Shack about the rebirth of Illtown's Finest.

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The last album that you were all together collectively as a group was on the 19 Naughty Nine LP. What has been the process of getting back into the studio together as a group or was it just like jumping back in a pair of comfortable pants when you guys walked in there?

NBN (Vinnie):
I think it was a process. When Kay departed in 2000, Treach and I kept [on] touring. We did the IIcons album in 2003 and then after that, we continued to tour. So we kind of hooked back up with Kay around 2005 and initially it wasn't music related, it was more of us developing films and doing film work. And then eventually, it got back to the music part. It was KayGee who realized,"Hey, do you guy feel [that] you're ready to do another album?" And we were like, "Yeah, we stay touring." Even when we took a year off from touring, our manager called us and was like, "You guys are passing up a bunch of money. There's a lot of money out there for you guys on the touring circuit. So we thought it was only right to give the people fresh music. Instead of being an old school group, we can compete with our peers like a Snoop Dogg, a Jay-Z, you know we kind of laid the blueprint for those guys and there's still room to participate in that market in that avenue.

Speaking of your other peers, I just recently looked at a list of The 25 Top Rap Groups of All-time, and they listed Naughty By Nature as #21. But, I think that you guys are in the Top 10. What do you think about that Treach, adding on to what Vin just said?


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NBN (Treach):
It's just think it's a situation, like people always ask me, "Why I'm not mentioned in the Top 10 and the group is not mentioned in the Top 10?" It's just been consistency. If you stay in their face, then they'll remember, If you're not out there on a consistent vibe with [them], if you're not in their face they're going to forget. It's like, I really don't blame them. With me, it just gives me that focus to be like, "Yo! Wait 'til they hear that new bomb and they're going to start recognizing." People are going to be like, "Oh, I forgot about them cats!"

NBN (Vinnie): Another thing for me is that I look at our peers again. You can take Too Short, you can take Snoop, you can take Jay-Z,...these guys are like 10 albums or better. Collectively as a unit, Naughty By Nature only produced four albums. As a unit, with Kay Gee producing. No one has ever hear us, in particularly Treach on that volume and body of work.And for me personally, on this new stuff is to get Treach loaded up, get him focused, and let them hear this guy and us as a collective [group], DO THIS THING! We've got a song out there right now, "I Gotta Lotta". We shot the video for it, we put it out there. and it's just classic Naughty. A crazy, ill, hard KayGee track with Treach just spitting on it, with a ill hook. And that's on the street tip. All of a sudden online, everybody came to the party and saw the video. 11,000 hits in one day and everyone was like, "Yo! Naughty's always been underrated.Treach has always been underrated. Oh, this is one of the best groups of all-time." But prior to that, like Treach said, " If you're not consistent with it, [fans] will go to other people." And they'll judge you on the volume of work than the body of work.

NBN (KayGee):
Like if you drop a record now and it makes [some] noise, everybody is going to go back and pick up [your] catalog. Your old records will start selling again. So it's like that. Put new records out and people will start to going back and start talking about you again. But if you don't put out new records, then you're just not mentioned.

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NBN (Vinnie):
I think another thing to is that Naughty has had a huge crossover success that we get that kind of envy, you know?. And it's the kind of envy and hate that[they] can't put us in the MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice or Young MC realm because we're definitely street and gritty and raw. So there's a lot of different attributes that come with that.I think that commercial success and envy has been carried on with Naughty. That coupled with the inconsistency gives people room to kind of on you or diminish you a bit.

I want to direct this toward KayGee as well, because he falls in that same parameter in regard to being a hip hop producer who's considered to be one of the greatest of all-time. And who I also feel is underrated. How do you feel about that personally?

NBN (KayGee):
At the end of the day, the success speaks for itself. I don't think that me personally needs any peers or too many other outside people to tell me that something [is] successful. I know that if I put records and they were #1 records and the fans liked it and it was successful, then that's what it's about. At the end of the day, it's all an opinion. It's all somebody's opinion. You can ask 10 different people and they'll have a whole different Top 10 or a whole different Top 5.So that's a never-ending conversation. So I've fixed myself [to believe] that it doesn't really matter to me, to be honest with you. At the end of the day, it's about the fans.

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