Dorrough:  The Other 'Dirk' of Big-D.

Story and Interview by  Matthew Shack

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Dorwin Demarcus Dorrough is a baller.


When the former star and captain of his high school basketball team wasn't hoisting 3's, he was hoisting his homemade mixtapes at the games.


At that point, his last name took on a different meaning, entirely.




Whether it be 'on the court' or 'on wax', Dorrough's just like EA Sports...



In the game!


He polished up his hustle at Prairie View A&M University, which the second oldest state-sponsored institution of higher education in Texas and then to Trinity University in San Antonio, majoring in Music Theory and Management.



Dorrough's first single, "Walk That Walk" off his debut album, Dorrough Music reached #28 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and#12 on the Hot Rap Songs chart. His smash,"Ice Cream Paint Job"  hit the Top 100 and peaked at #27 in 2009.




His second album, Get Big had the some of the best producers in the game; Shawty Redd, Nitti, Boi-1da, Play-N-Skillz, DJ Toomp, and Drumma Boy.



Dorrough Music's newest mixtape, Silent Assassin is hosted by none other than Gangsta Grillz own,  DJ Drama. 


Guest spots from Jim Jones, Slim Thug, Nipsey Hussle, 2 Chainz, Trae Tha Truth, and fueled by the flamethrower anthem, "Bad To The Bone" featuring Travis Porter, puts it into the early stocking stuffer category for Christmas 2011



TFM: With you coming from Dallas, we understand that Houston as had a long legacy. But you also have that brother named, D.O.C. that come out of Dallas. How much of an influence was he to you coming up in the game?

  Well, in Dallas we respect D.O.C but we don't use him in relation to Dallas Hip-Hop because, he's really more [of] a west coast artist because that's where he went to. Not that we have any animosity toward it; that's just how it worked out. He wasn't really an influential Dallas artist to other Dallas artists like myself. We were more influenced byMr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci, Big Tuck and Tom Tom. They were some of the bigger artists of the time. They were close to making it [nationally],but they definitely opened the doors for me.

TFM: So how do you feel being the ambassador and the top man on deck now representing, Big D?

Dorrough: It's all good. Coming up, I've always wanted to represent the city. I took pride in it. Just to be in this position and see it actually happen; it's an amazing feeling. But at the same time, it's a lot of hard work. 

TFM: Give us an idea of what you got going with this new single. I just got it and it's banging. What direction are you going into with this record?

Dorrough: The new record featuring, Travis Porter, "Bad To The Bone",is a record that I made to appeal to the women, also to the hood prone, radio savvy listeners at the colleges. I definitely made it for the colleges and the whole college scene. The crowd, I put some sororities in there. So it's really getting great feedback and it was a fun record to make. Travis Porter, they brought great energy and I'm very excited about the project.

TFM:  You're known for your club bangers like "Ice Cream Paint Job", that went over very well. It had a different type of feel to it. What was the process of putting that record together and how did you come up with that whole concept?

Dorrough: You know, I'm from 6's and were big on cars. The car scene is big down here. I've been in it every day since I was growing up, so it's natural rapping about cars being from here.  That whole feel was [that] one day I was working on a mixtape and honestly it was just a mixtape record. I put it together, put it on a mixtape, and I put it on my MySpace page. Over time, I starting getting crazy hits, and this one DJ out of the Bay Area in Cali, he hit up my MySpace page and he blew it up on the west coast and next thing you know I started doing shows and that's where it blew up at.  



TFM: I'm from the Bay, was that KMEL? Who was the DJ?



Dorrough: It was DJ Amen, but Big Von broke it.




TFM: Yeah, Big Von is folks and definitely knows what he's doing. Glad to hear that the town took you under their wing. Shout outs, to Big Von out there in the Bay Area.




Dorrough: Hell yeah.



TFM: How much was your influence going to Prairie View, in helping you understand that the college crowd was the one you needed to reach?



Dorrough: It had everything to do with it. I definitely signed my record deal while I was in college and I blew up in the college scene. My first single was structured similar to "Bad To The Bone" and was catered to the women to praise them. It ignited the whole sorority system and I used that knowledge to create some of my lastest songs. Yeah, the college scene is very big when it comes to this whole hip-hop movement.


 ((( Audio Interview Below ))) 

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