Donna Summer

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Donna Summer (December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012)

Story by Matthew Shack

Death is inevitable for us all.

It occurs every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

But when it occurs as frequently as it has in 2012 within the music industry, affixed with names that are genuinely household... it really begins to hit home.

Two weeks ago, we lost MCA.

Now, we have lost the second of two songstresses in as little as three months with Whitney Houston being the first.

Born LaDonna Adrian Gainesin Boston, Donna Summer was the "undisputed queen of the 70's Disco boom" with Six American Music Awards,  a NAACP Image Award, 12 Gold singles, three Multi-Platinum albums, seven Gold albums, and was a five-time Grammy Award winner.

According to Billboard, Summer is currently ranked as the eighth most successful female recording artist of all-time and has been nominated for induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, four-times over.

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Her unquestioned influence and significance in the universe of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Rock and Pop music has been immeasurable.

Donna Summer is one of the most sampled and covered female artists in music history.

Sampling artists includes the likes of Beyoncé, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, David Guetta, Madonna, LL Cool J, Bette Midler, Tech N9ne, Diana Ross, Britney Spears, TLC, Moby and Whitney herself.

The 1990's hip-hop classic, "Freaks of the Industry" by Digital Underground is looped with Summer's debut single and first hit in America, "Love to Love You Baby" that reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1976.

Donna Summer 3

Infinitely, that very song makes Donna Summer a "definitive" pioneer of hip-hop music.

Upon its release, "Love to Love You Baby" was branded as "graphic" by music critics and was even banned by some radio stations for its explicit content.

Time Magazine later revealed that a record 22 orgasms were simulated by Summer in the text of the song.

Conversely in today's music, that same single could quite possibly have a "Parental Advisory" sticker attached to it, forthwith.

Now if that isn't hip-hop... then what is?

Donna Summer  -- the Queen of Disco -- has died after a long battle with lung cancer.

She was 63 years old.

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