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Boris Kodjoe: A Real Husband of Hollywood

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

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Boris Kodjoe
is back on The Flow Online after five years!


After being interviewed by us back in August 2008, a few interesting things have transpired.  

He has been in four feature films (along with,“Surrogates” starring Bruce Willis), two television shows one of which he had his own starring role in the J.J. Abrams produced, “Undercovers”. 

Most importantly, President Barack Obama has been elected to office...TWICE!

Kodjoe is still married to the beautiful actress Nicole Ari Parker and father of their two children, all the while living in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is currently in the BET hit series, “The Real Husbands of Hollywood“ starring Kevin Hart, Duane Martin, JB Smoove, Nick Cannon  and Robin Thicke.



The Flow caught up with him on the purple carpet at "Chambord Goes Hollywood" celebrity tastemaker event that he was hosting at the TCL Chinese Theater. 


Even after not seeing The Flow's own, Matthew Shack after five years, Boris still recognized him and answered a few questions.




TFO: Can you tell us a funny story that happened on “The Real Husbands of Hollywood”; something that nobody knows about?

Every day is hysterical. Today, Denzel [Washington] was on the set hanging out and Fazion Love jumped in the pool, naked. That’s just a regular day.



You have been doing the television thing for quite some time. When are you going to go off and do your own show, being your own man and doing your own thing?



real husbands 1


Boris: Well you know, it’s all a process.  I did “Undercovers” which was my starring vehicle. You just never know what’s going to work and what’s not going to work. All I can do is put my best foot forward and keep working hard and then take advantage of my opportunities and see what happens.

Are you interested in doing any action films and stuff like that?

Of course, absolutely!

TFO: We are kind of undermanned when it comes to the brothers in the Action genre.

That’s true.


Give me an idea of what would be your dream role if it could be green lit.

The ‘Jason Bourne’ type role would be something that I’d love to do in a movie; to play a spy or a secret agent or something [like that]. Anything that requires physical action to me is interesting and fun because I’m a physical guy and that’s what I like to do. So, any type of movie like that is interesting to me.

Any plans on doing anything with the wife [Nicole Ari Parker]?

 Nicole Boris

Boris:Always. You guys stay tuned. We’re about to do another movie together, it’s going to be fun. [It’s] a romantic comedy.




((( Boris Kodjoe MP3 Audio Interview Below )))





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