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Too $hort: Everlasting Game 
Story and Interview By Matthew Shack



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What's my favorite word?


Why they gotta say it like $hort?


You know they can't play on my court

Can't hang with the big dogs

Stay on the porch!


Todd Anthony Shaw
aka Too $hort is not only a San Francisco Bay Area Legend from Oakland, CA, he is without question, a founding father and pioneer of West Coast Hip-Hop.

After nearly 30 years in the game and 16 studio albums spanning four decades, $hort Dog is not only relevant, he’s still your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Born to Mack (1987) Life Is... Too Short (1988) Short Dog's in the House (1990) Shorty The Pimp (1992) Get in Where You Fit In (1993) Cocktails (1995) Gettin' It (1996) Can't Stay Away (1999) You Nasty (2000) Chase the Cat (2001) What's My Favorite Word? (2002) Married to the Game (2003) Blow the Whistle (2006) Get off the Stage (2007) Still Blowin' (2010) No Trespassing (2012)

$hort was in the news in March for running from the cops during a DUI bust in Hollywood and was charged with possession of ecstasy.  

But in Hip-Hop, all that did was show that he was truly ‘about that life’ he always rhymed about on wax.

Bay Area natives, The Flow Online’s Matthew Shack and Too $hort aka $horty the Pimp talk all things, ‘Home Turf’ at KDAY's Krush Groove Concert.

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TFO: It’s been almost ten years since the beginning of the ‘Hyphy Movement’ in the Bay Area. The Bay Area has not come back nor recovered from that. What needs to happen for that to occur?

Too $hort:
I feel that if your ears are in-tune that ‘Hyphy Movement’ is now very similar the while ‘West Coast Ratchet Sound’. It’s like all of the same tempo. We do have artists that are moving around getting money. The HP Playbois are getting money, you know. The Bay Area is very involved in the music industry; I just don’t think that as a whole the Bay Area is where it wants to be. [Meaning] the industry happening in the Bay.

I’ll say this right now; you see where it’s at. It’s happening in Atlanta, they write checks in New York,
[and] they write checks in LA. You have to get somewhere and get out there. It could happen in the Bay, we might have some record label open up one day in Downtown San Francisco but right now? You got to get out there and get your money, man. That’s all I have to say.

TFO: What do you think in regard to the radio stations, we aren’t going to name any names but we know what we’re talking about. By [them] not playing the Bay Area artists and not playing the local artists.

Too $hort:
That’s what I just said. You got to go out and get it, man! You just got to get it! I could be the most famous ‘Too $hort’ all over the Bay, but I jumped on the plane, I jumped on the highway, I went and took off. You got to go out there and make it happen, man. And I do commend all the rappers that jump on those airplanes, the Beeda Weedas and the dudes that are out there hustling. There’s a bunch on them out there. Keep hustling, man. Get on them airplanes and take it. Just get your money, that’s it.



TFO: Any chance of creating a ‘Bay Area Super Group’ with you and


short 40


Too $hort:
I’m all about doing projects. Every time I do an album, I just consider it to be a project. That would be so easy for me because I just write songs so fast and so easy, I would just probably come and do my part in like two days. So, ‘Super Group’ that!


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