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Tha Dogg Pound
Story and Interview By Matthew Shack
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You cannot be a disciple of West Coast Hip-Hop and not be a fan of Tha Dogg Pound Gangsters (DPGC).

Not only would that be a travesty, in addition, you should have your “Ghetto Pass” permanently revoked on plain site.

Daz Dillinger
 and Kurupt, aka dynamic duo and formed the group in 1992 and make their debut on the Dr. Dre’s magnum opus, The Chronic.

They were also featured on Snoop Dogg's debut album Doggystyle and the Death Row movie soundtracks Murder Was the Case and Above the Rim. 

own debut album Dogg Food [Which still happens to be in heavy rotation in The Flow Online Offices] was released in 1995.

Kurupt and Daz went on to also release solo albums under the Death Row umbrella.

After the death of Tupac, the messy departures of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, the demise of the Death Row label, and a feud among its members, Tha Dogg Pound then got back together
 and recorded a few more albums with Snoop Dogg formally coming back into the fold in 2006.

Kurupt also recently announced that after nearly 20 years of insults traded back and forth, Tha Dogg Pound and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are planning to release a collaborative album.

The Flow Online’s Matthew Shack catches up with Daz and Kurupt backstage at Krush Groove 2013.


Doggystyle 1


TFO: I wanted to let you know I listened to the Doggystyle album so much that those years were like a time warp. Give us an idea of how you guys put that album together and why it’s such a classic.


Daz: [He asks Kurupt] Why is Doggystyle such a classic, Kurupt?



Kurupt: Not only the fact that it changed the lives of so many different people, and gave people jobs and opportunities and careers, it also shaped the music industry and hip-hop as a whole. You understand me? It started off as one of the multi-million dollar sales of hip hop and it changed the entire game when it came to selling records in general with music and videos.

 Let me ask you guys a question about the New York New York beat. I found out that Biggie actually did a commercial with that same beat. How did all that come about?

 It was produced by DJ Pooh. You so know who DJ Pooh is? That’s my motherf****** homie!

 Without question.

 Before that actual thing came out, we had the record for New York, New York for Tha Dogg Pound album. DJ Pooh wanted to use it for a St. Ides commercial with Biggie and you know, they did that real quick. After they did that, I went to Pooh and was like, "You know what, I'm ready to lay this record." Biggie gave me that inspiration. When I heard him spit on it, I was like, "OK, you know what? I got to get on there and fire off." Biggie spilled so deeply, I had to come off like that St. Ides commercial.


snoop daz kurupt 1

 Give us an idea of a basic [studio] session for you guys were like back [those] days. How did you guys go about putting together a song, and then I want to know what your favorite song on Doggystyle is.

 Smoke and... that’s it. We get in, start smoking…


Daz: The beat comes on…


Kurupt: Daz is working on the beat...[we] get something to eat... Smoking...[Laughing] Have some hoes in there…

 It’s all about a concept. Come with a concept and stick to it.



Kurupt:Daz making the beat...Once I feel it and start writing [it] and I finish writing [it], I go to Daz and tell him, "I'm ready to lay my vocals." He's like, "Ok, I'll finish beat later." We drop it... that's how it was.

((( Tha Dogg Pound MP3 Audio Interview Below )))





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