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Kendrick Lamar: Chosen One
Story and Interview By Matthew Shack


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“The chosen one from the land of the frozen sun, where drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones.”

When you make it from the bottom to the top the way that
Kendrick Lamar has, you are the definitely
the chosen one.



The Compton, CA Comet has achieved superstardom in such a short period of time it seems like ‘The American Dream’ is unfolding right before our very eyes.



With hit singles "Swimming Pools (Drank)","Poetic Justice," and the infectious, “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” his almost-Platinum album good kid, m.A.A.d. city climbed to #1 on both the Billboard Rap and R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

Furthermore, when
Jay-Z, Drake, Busta Rhymes, and Lady Gaga all jump on your records, it is time to clear the lane before you get posterized, like  
LeBron James.


 In March, he was officially crowned "Hottest MC in the Game" by MTV.



At eight-years-old, Kendrick stood and watched his idols 2Pac and Dr. Dre film shoot the 'California Love' video back home in Compton.



Now at age 25, he is 2Pac and Dre; he is The American Dream; he IS the Chosen One.


The Flow Online
Co-founder and Executive Editor Matthew Shack catches up with Kendrick Lamar backstage at BET Awards Press Conference at Icon Ultra Lounge in Downtown Los Angeles. 



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TFO:  As a cat that all of this has come so quickly, what has been your biggest adjustment coming from doing this on the street to being on the biggest stage?


Kendrick:  Just that. The adjustment of trying to adapt to that lifestyle because I’m the same dude I see looking into the mirror, every day. I see the same person but when I go out here, these people see a superstar. So I’m really trying to accept it and not so being in denial of it. That’s what I’m really working on with myself, now. I’ll walk anywhere, man.  I won’t care about security or nothing because I still see myself as Kendrick…“K.Dot”, [just] little “K.Dot”.




TFO: Now that you have the new record out, B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe, what is it that’s making you go into a different direction outside of the west coast? I spoke to Warren G. last week and he said that “it’s going to a new millennium when it comes to hip-hop.” What is your focus in regard to you style in going that way?




Kendrick:  You know, I’ve always wanted to keep the influence of the West Coast. That’s why you’ll hear my aggression, you’ll hear melodies and laid-back tones but at the same time I feel like as [being] a student of hip-hop is [to] elevate the game and continue to do not something different but original and what’s original to me. And if I think we instill that for the kids that are coming up behind me to further the culture of hip-hop, it will live forever.  It won’t be so redundant. I think hip-hop is about expressing yourself, so that’s what it’s really about. And it comes off as just a new sound but still that feel. I love it, the people love it, and they respect it.


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TFO:  How does it feel to be working with Dr.Dre?


Kendrick:  It’s a great feeling. You know, I’ve always looked up to Dre. I’ve always looked up to the whole era in the 90s, with him make classic music you can vibe to. To finally be in the studio with him and actually working with him, it shows a lot about my talent and how much he respects me and the level I’m at.


TFO:  He cosigned you real early in the game, brother.




Kendrick:  Definitely.


TFO:  There’s a big YouTube video of your [first] reaction when you heard Jay-Z on your track. It was classic. What was going through your mind at that time? We’re you saying [to yourself],”Yeah, I’ve made it, I'm at the pinnacle “ or was  it “Okay, it’s just beginning for me”?



  Man, I think a little bit of both. [Laughs] I think that the greatest feeling for me personally is to know that people I respect, [also] respect me.  I’ve always looked up to Jay-Z. I’ve always looked up to Nas and Snoop. For them to actually acknowledge me or for him to jump on my record, that says a lot. That says a whole lot!


TFO: Plus it was real slick the way they tricked you, though. [Laughing]



Kendrick:  Yeah, they tricked me. But when I heard those words come out, I felt like my time has come as far as to step up to the plate and challenge myself.  



***Special Shout out to Ray Alba of Interscope Records for making this interview possible. 



((( Kendrick Lamar MP3 Audio Interview Below )))





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