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Glasses Malone: Born to Hustle
Story and Interview By Matthew Shack


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For Glasses Malone, hustling is not just a choice; it a family tradition.

His family tree was roots deep into the drug game, h
is mother served a 25-year sentence in prison for selling narcotics, and Malone was affiliated with the Crips as a teen.



Hustling and gang banging came to an end for Glasses with the success of his The Crack Mixtape (2003) and White Lightnin...Sticks (2005) sold 50,000 copies and included the popular street single "Two Hunned".


Next, he accomplished every rapper’s wet dream of being in the middle of a bidding war between Def Jam, Interscope, J Records and Atlantic Records.


Furthermore, Malone signed a $1.7 million dollar distribution deal with for his own label, Blu Division with Sony Entertainment.


In 2005, he eventually signed with Cash Money in a join deal and was officially on the roster of Mack 10's Hoo Bangin' imprint.


The Flow’s own Matthew Shack chops it up backstage with Glasses Malone.


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TFO: You’re like one of the new disciples. Give us an idea of what is it going to take to get the West Coast back on top.


Glasses: Great party music. You gotta have some more fun. One thing I give credit to Dre and Snoop is they were having fun making music. The music was for the party, even though the content was pretty harsh. So we just gotta get back to making music, straight up. It’s about a party and a fun time.





TFO: Due to the fact that you were with Cash Money, they have their ‘party records’, they have their  ‘serious records’, they have their  ‘letting people know where they’re from’ records,  How much of that influence has gotten into what you’re doing in the studio?


Glasses: You learn everything from billionaires. I mean, it’s that simple man. Billionaires! Being around billionaires in general has taught me a lot. That ain’t gonna ever change.




TFO: When Lil’ Wayne was going through his sickness, did you get a chance to go out there and see him?


Glasses: I did not and I regret it, man. I called and checked with a couple people but I was gone a little bit. I should’ve [flown] home because that’s a really good dude. That’s a really good guy.



TFO: Any misconceptions about Glasses Malone that you may want to set the record straight about?


Glasses:  [Dismissingly] Sh*t, I don’t give a f*** about what nobody say. If you don’t know by now, you’ll never know… feel me?



((( Glasses Malone MP3 Audio Interview Below )))





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