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Warren G: Feelin' the Music 
Story and Interview By Matthew Shack



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The years may change but the ‘G-Child’ always stays the same.


5-years-ago, I interviewed Warren G while he was working on a new album, enjoying life and waiting for his big homie, Nate Dogg to come home from the hospital after suffering his first stroke.


Now, with the untimely passing of his childhood friend, 213 bandmate and close musical collaborator, Warren has put his production game on overdrive with hot fire coming from the likes of Young Jeezy, YG, Problem, Fabolous and others.



The Flow’s Matthew Shack talks good game with Warren G about all things, “G-Funk!”

TFO: I talked to you 5 years ago and at that time you were talking about, “I’m starting to produce… I just submitted some stuff with Jay-ZI put some stuff out there.” Now you have so many records out that people don’t even know it you. How did you go about revamping your sound? That Young Jeezy track was bananas. What did you do production wise to get yourself to that next level?

Warren G: I just stayed myself. I don’t try to change or nothing, I just continue to search for great music and do good music. I don’t change nothing up. I listen to what’s going on, then I get inspired. I try to change what’s going on. But I hear something that’s good but not all the way there. It inspires me to work hard. I’ve been producing, that’s what I’ve been doing since day one. I’m gonna always do that. I am producer before I’m an artist. I’ve got a lot of records that’s back [even] from back then that people don’t even know.

TFO: Are they going to see the light of day?


Warren G: They have! MC Breed and 2Pac [Singing the hook] “You gotta get yours, I gotta get mine”… That was mine. 'Pick it up, Pick it up Remix' [Redman]. I’ve done a lot of stuff. I gave Shaq
his first Gold record. I’ve done a lot of records for a lot of guys on the production tip and being an artist at the same time. I love doing it all.


TFO: Also when I interviewed you 5 years ago, Nate just had his first stroke. I talked to you about it and you said that “He was recovering and everything.” Give us an idea about what you miss most about him on a record. I know he was your close partner but as far as having him on vinyl with you, what do you miss most about that?

Warren G: I mean, I miss it all. [Thinking]
Man, I can’t even explain that one. But that’s my dog, you know? It’s hard for me to do a record these days because every record that I do, I have him in mind. And a lot of artists will tell you that I’ve worked with [will say], “Man! Nate would’ve killed that.” Some artists just don’t understand sometimes; the music. My thing is that I’m searching for artists that understand. Everybody can rap. Everybody can do this and do that, but you really have to understand how to create a song. A lot of motherf****** don’t know how to do that.

Warren Nate Snoop



TFO: They’re rapping and they don’t know how to count bars.



Warren G: Yeah. A lot of motherf****** don’t know how to really build a song. And that’s what I’m looking for. I’m gonna tell you and example, Young Jeezy? That motherf***** knows how to make a f****** song! I just wish I could do a whole album on him. Do the coldest s*** he’s ever had. Because, he understands how to make a record. Just like when we did the 'Leave You Alone' track. He was like, “Warren, your first record was the soundtrack of my life.” He said, “Give me something on that level.” So boom! I hit him. So he was like, “Ok, that one right there, I like that.” There was another one, he’s like, “I like that too.” We kept both of them. He hit me like 3 week later, “G, we got us one.” I’m like, “What??”… [Young Jeezy] “G, we got us one!” I’m like, “It’s all good.”... [Young Jeezy] “Ok, I’m gonna call you back.” The n**** hit me back again. [Young Jeezy] “We got us one again.” We were in New York. I’m like, “N****, these motherf******s are banging!”  Wait till you hear the new one I gave him. I gave him two new ones that were nice. I gave [Fabolous] some new shit.



TFO: Will they be out by the end of the year?


Warren G: This summer. Jeezy, Problem, YG… wait till you hear them up under ‘this Warren G s***’. I was taught by the best, Dr. Dre.



TFO: Without question!


Warren G: I’m not saying I’m a super-duper keyboard player musician. But I know how to compose and I know how to put my backbone together. A lot motherf****** are like, “Man, he don’t even know how to play an instrument.” Bulls***! I know more than a motherf***** that [does] know how to play an instrument. 


TFO: You know how to make a record.


Warren G: Exactly!


 ((( Warren G. MP3 Audio Interview Below )))



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