Cam Netwon


Why is Cam Newton so important to Hip Hop? After all, he is a football player not a Rap star and he doesn’t Rap. At least not yet anyway. But he can dance and his dancing antics have found their way to the homes of both serious and casual sports fans around the world. The dance has caught on around the world and all over the internet with it’s own name. “The Dab” emerging from the Souther Rap scene. Just pull up a search on it and your are sure to find several versions on the “The Dab” online. "Dab Fever," "Look At My Dab," and "Dab Daddy" are just a few.


It’s also become part of the Hip Hop lingo as “Dab on dem folks” which has become synonymous with each and every touch down Cam makes. The entire team has jumped in with a video of them lipsyncing Drake’s “Big Rings”. Cam also invited Nayvadius himself to the sideline along with fellow Atlantan Jeezy.

Elsewhere, other rappers have been involved in the team's rise. B.o.B, who was born in North Carolina, performed at halftime of the  Seahawks-Panthers game and another NC native, Petey Pablo, released a Panthers anthem called "Carolina Colors." That's just a few of many tracks the successful team has inspired, and the others range from Baby Jesus' infectious "Dab City" to superfan Ked Woodley's (unintentionally?) hilarious track "Dominate The Foes". This is not the first of NFL Team inspired Anthem. The original intersection between the NFL and Hip Hop was the “Super Bowl Shuffle” of the 1985 Chicago Bears. 



But the association to Hip Hop fans doesn’t stop there. Perhaps it’s Cam Newton’s ability to be successful against the odds and the naysayers along with the refusal to conform to the mold people try to fit him into. Hip Hop had it’s “Cam Newton” moment when it burst on the scene in the late 70s and 80s. Despite it’s growing popularity the powers at be said it would be a short lived fad. It wasn’t true music. It lacked art form. Similar things have been said about Cam Newton. They said he wouldn’t last in the NFL. They said he wasn’t a true Quarterback. Both have succeeded against the odds.

In addition to that Cam embraces the flamboyance of Hip Hop with his Flashy Fancy and persona and the gear to match. He even possesses the entrepreneurialism of Hip Hop with his on men’s suit line called Belk, a derivative of cam taking a liking to what was a supposed to be disciplinary action from his father. It’s no surprise Cam liked attention growing up in school. So much so it garnered negative attention from his teachers and his parents. Since he adored attention his father told him he needed to dress up on Fridays for school.  Cam liked the attention it got him so much that he began to dress up everyday. Wouldn’t be the last time that he learned to adapt to adversity.

Cam didn’t come up the winner at the biggest game on the planet and he received some very negative press for being less than the almost perfect season he brought to the state of the Carolina Panthers. But just like KRS One said…in the Hip Hop hit “Learn”, “Were Not Done… “Were Not Done”. We expect to see Cam represent for the Hip Hop nation once again.



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