Game Versus 50 Cent: The Longest Beef in Hip Hop

Game and 50 Cent


For those of you that just crawled from under a Rock 50 Cent and Game, arguably the two most Gangsta of gangsta rappers still breathing have been at each other since.


There are several stories out including the story that 50 Cent can't recall exactly what caused the beef so if you can't recall you can't repar it said 50. Others recall it, however, starting when 50 Cent's album 'The Massacre' was pushed back in order to accommodate The Game's debut album. The move caused a rift between 50 Cent and Dre and Jimmy Lovine of Interscope Records and tension between 50 and game Began. 


Others recall it starting back in 2005 when 50 had beef with several rappers including Ja Rule and Nas so he expected everyone in the G-Unit crew to keep their distance from 50s named foes. Game did not agree with doing so and, in fact expressed and interest in working with some of these artist. 50 took it as betrayal and publicily dismissed The Game from the G-Unit. Over 100 dis records have been released in wha't becoming the longest running feud Hip Hop has ever seen.


A few more coals were thrown on the smoldering ashes of what used to be white hot fead between the two rappers. Apparently Lloyd Banks took a photo with The game when they ran into each other in Dubai. The Game posted the picture on Instagram with the caption "Still". Some say that this was back handed insult to 50 as The Game was trying to make the point that een though you still have beef with me your clique isn't riding with you on that. They're riding with me.


Lloyd Banks and The Game


Of course 50 Didn't take kindly to the photo and posted his own comment about the photo, stating the beef didn't get old with him. He also insights that Lloyd Banks looks confused in the photo insinuating that Lloyd doesn't really know what do in the situation. He then goes on to say that The Game should just leave stuff alone.


The game responded with some grown up, Man Up, Real Talk letting 50 know that they have lost a few people due to feuding and it just as well could have been either of them.G-Unit affiliate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher was shot and killed in 2009. Game’s former manager James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was later sentenced to life in prison for conspiring with other men to kill Fletcher. At the time, Rosemond was already serving a life sentence for running a lucrative drug ring.

Game, who released his album The Documentary 2 in October, has beefed with G-Unit since he left the crew in 2005.

Lloyd Banks has had a different relationship with 50, who’s acted as his mentor. After a long hiatus, G-Unit reunited without Game by adding a new member, Kidd Kidd, in 2014. They released The Beauty of Independence that year and another EP, The Beast Is G-Unit, in 2015. Last year, Fif told Hot 97 that Banks wanted his “independence” from the crew and now, it’s unclear whether their long-awaited reunion album will be released.


The Game has since made it clear that he has no problems with the “In Da Club” rapper — but that doesn’t mean that the feeling is mutual.

“Nah, you know what, I haven’t seen 50 in like 10 years. And I ain’t got no beef with him these days,” said The Game in an interview with SKEE TV. “I watch Power sometimes. I think it’s a cool series. I’m into Power and my Netflix and Narcos and all of that. And Empire, I watch Scandal, but yeah, I ain’t got no beef with him. He’s gonna do his thing and obviously, I’m doing my thing.” As stated On Boom Box.

Fiddy has yet to share the same sentiment — and knowing how bitter he can be, Banks may be the new victim on the Queens native’s Instagram page for the “betrayal.” In the past, 50 has aimed jabs towards his ex, Vivica A. Fox, FOX’s Empire series, P. DiddyRick Ross and boxer, Billy Dib. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

On the other hand, The Game is still committed to antagonizing Young Thug. Most recently, he posted on Instagram that he would “beat the Victoria Secret” out of him.

So it looks like the Beef continues. Maybe it's Bad Blood or maybe it's great marketing. What ever is The Game and 50 Cent got us talking abou it and them yet again.








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